Montego Bay - Dining by Windward
$4,216.00 $2,951.20
Montego Bay - Deep Seating by Windward
$3,985.00 $2,789.50
Harbourage Sling by Windward
$3,428.00 $2,399.60
Harbourage Sling
Skyway Deep Seating by Windward
$5,124.00 $3,586.80
Sling Adirondack Collection by Windward
$978.00 $684.00
The Adirondack Collection by Windward
$728.00 $509.60
Cape Cod - Deep Seating by Windward
$7,768.00 $5,437.60
Cape Cod Sling Bar Chair by Windward
$852.00 $596.40
Cape Cod Sling Balcony Chair by Windward
$1,041.00 $728.70
Cape Cod Sling Chaise Lounge by Windward
$1,281.00 $896.70
Cape Cod Sling by Windward
$4,332.00 $3,032.40
Cape Cod Sling
Hampton Deep Seating by Windward
$8,374.00 $5,861.80
Hampton Sling Balcony Chair by Windward
$800.00 $560.00
Hampton Sling Bar Chair by Windward
$1,041.00 $728.70
Harbourage Deep Seating by Windward
$7,413.00 $5,189.10
Eclipse Deep Seating by Windward
$5,789.00 $4,052.30

Windward understands that your Outdoor Living Area is far more than a place to sit. Instead, it's an extension of your home! You will discover stylish, high-quality products at competitive prices, perfect for indoor or outdoor use! Their collections offer nearly endless options, with 8 different frame finishes and 197 fabric choices (69 of which can be used in sling chairs), so you can customize your set to fit the decor of your home, deck, swimming pool or patio. This brand features commercial-grade, domestically-milled 100% American aluminum that will never rust or corrode. Each piece includes internal reinforced ribs for additional strength, while all of their frames are sandblasted and powder coated, ensuring your piece of outdoor furniture will not peel or chip over time. And Windward sling seats are second to none, presenting 100% virgin vinyl and double stitching for added strength. The easy cleaning and simple maintenance of sling seats make these outdoor patio furniture pieces perfect for the beach, backyard or pool.