Buy Saunas with Infrared Heaters from Family Leisure! For sale with free shipping nationwide, our line of premium models by Saunatec is the best in the industry. Infrared heaters produce infrared light that is absorbed by the skin as radiant heat. It is an incredible experience that not only feels great, but also offers numerous health benefits. These types of saunas are known for their ability to remove toxins from the body. How do they remove toxicity? Everything from heavy metals to petrochemicals are sweated out of our bodies in small amounts. Because of this, it's a great solution for someone who cannot exercise. Have you tried a 'hot rock" type but found yourself unsatisfied with the intense hot air? Infrared rays are the answer to your problem. They heat the inside of the sauna at a lower rate but focus most of the heat on to the body. This also helps with increasing metabolism along with weight loss. Arthritis symptoms, such as stiffness, fatigue and pain, can be eased with this type of therapy. Imagine sitting back for a relaxing session in your basement. Delivery is easy and shipping is free from Family Leisure!