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Bristol by Leisure Select
$3,499.99 $2,299.99
Bristol Riverbank
Leisure Select
The Morse Pool Table by Plank & Hide


The Talbot Pool Table by Plank & Hide
$3,999.99 $2,799.99
The Elias Pool Table by Plank & Hide
$4,999.99 $2,999.99
Elias Pool Table
Plank & Hide Co
Nottingham Sable by Leisure Select
$3,999.99 $2,799.99
Nottingham - Sable
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Nottingham - Charcoal
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The Thomas Pool Table by Plank & Hide
$5,499.99 $3,999.99
Thomas Pool Table
Plank & Hide Co
Tremont by Brunswick Billiards
$2,999.99 $2,384.00
Brunswick Billiards
The Isaac Pool Table by Plank & Hide
$5,799.99 $3,999.99
Barnstable Pool Table Silver Mist
$5,999.99 $4,460.00
Manchester by Leisure Select
$4,499.99 $2,999.99
Manchester - Sand
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Manchester Charcoal by Leisure Select
$4,499.99 $2,999.99
Manchester - Charcoal
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The Paxton Pool Table by Plank & Hide
$4,999.99 $3,699.99
Brighton by Leisure Select
$3,499.99 $2,299.99
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Edinburgh by Leisure Select
$3,299.99 $2,399.99
Edinburgh Sierra
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Pool Tables for sale near me with free Nationwide shipping at Family Leisure! We have the largest selection of of billiard accessories and pool cues along with the largest network of installers and professionals to install these items in your home! We sell top quality models for homes all across America made by Brunswick, Leisure Select, American Heritage, Imperial Billiards, Plank and Hide and more. We provide fun products that will bring your game room to life. We back all of our home recreation purchases with our satisfaction guarantee. Our furniture style and contemporary slate options are hand crafted by artisan woodworkers ensuring that they will play great and last for generations. When shopping for the perfect pool table, it is important to do your homework and go with a dealer . Check out our Pool Table Buyers Guide 

Commonly Asked Questions: 

What are the Standard Sizes? Your options are 7', 8', and 9'. Most bar size tables are seven, home size is usually eight and regulation tournament play is nine. 
How Much Does it Weigh? Depending on the size, the type of wood and the slate thickness, the standard weight ranges from 800 - 1000 pounds. 
Why is Slate Used? Slate is a rock that is extremely heavy and dense and can be honed to a thousanth of an inch of level, making it a perfect surface for a pool table. It is a natural substance that will last hundreds of years and has been used in the construction of billiards since the beginning of the game. The thickness ranges from 3/4" to 1 1/4".
What Size Room is Needed? It is important to allow approximately 4.5' around the perimeter of the table in order to use a standard 57" cue stick. One thing to remember is that the length is always twice the width. A 7' table needs a 12'6" x 16' room. An 8' needs a 13' x 17' room. A model 9' needs a 13'6" x 18' room. 

Need Some Design Help or Ideas? Ask Our Interior Decorating Team and Learn How to Build a Game Room From Scratch

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