Camden by American Heritage
$6,995.00 $4,695.00
Camden Pool Table
American Heritage
Eclipse by American Heritage
$4,495.00 $2,995.00
Eclipse Pool Table
American Heritage
Artero by American Heritage
$5,499.99 $3,695.00
Artero Pool Table
American Heritage
Tacoma by American Heritage
$6,995.00 $4,695.00
Tacoma Pool Table
American Heritage
Traditional Cedar by Fireside Lodge Furniture
$10,129.00 $9,359.00
Traditional Cedar
Fireside Lodge Furniture
Barnwood by Fireside Lodge Furniture
$10,799.00 $10,029.00
Fireside Lodge Furniture
Torquay pool table by Carlton
$5,299.00 $3,899.99
Manchester by Leisure Select
$4,499.99 $2,999.99
Manchester - Sand
Leisure Select
Manchester Charcoal by Leisure Select
$4,499.99 $2,999.99
Manchester - Charcoal
Leisure Select
Nottingham Sable by Leisure Select
$3,999.99 $2,799.99
Nottingham - Sable
Leisure Select
Nottingham - Charcoal
Leisure Select
Brighton by Leisure Select
$3,499.99 $2,299.99
Leisure Select
Edinburgh by Leisure Select
$3,299.99 $2,399.99
Edinburgh Sierra
Leisure Select
Bedford by Imperial
$5,999.99 $4,090.00
Bedford - Includes Dining Top
Imperial Billiards
Penelope by Imperial
$4,999.99 $3,558.00
Penelope - Includes Dining Top
Imperial Billiards
Sutton by Brunswick Billiards
$3,699.99 $3,104.00
Sutton II
Brunswick Billiards

Furniture Style Pool Tables for Sale with Free Shipping Nationwide from Family Leisure! Heirloom-quality pool tables with beautiful furniture style come to your home with Family Leisure. Each model found on this page offers a signature look guaranteed to stand out in your game room, ensuring your new focal point leaves a good impression on every visitor. And with the classy, stylish look comes high-quality gameplay. It starts with the brands and ends with the installers selected by us. We pick only the best brands that offer the best pool tables, along with local installation crews we work with on a regular basis. If a brand or installer offers low quality service or materials we immediately drop them. And our customer service is second to none, utilizing the knowledge and experience gained since we opened in 1979. Why trust a name that isn't established? Billiard tables are great additions to any home, providing a game all ages can play together. But you must have a high-quality pool table and have it installed properly to ensure smooth gameplay.