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Strike a match. Light the coals. Any time is a good time to grill. From grill heads and smokers to side burners and even entire outdoor kitchens, our catalog is home to the global leaders in the industry. Our entire grill inventory is in stock and ships for free, so you won't have to wait to start cooking up something amazing!

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Some people swear by charcoal. For others, it has to be a gas grill. And some other grillmasters say only pellets will do! No matter your preference, Family Leisure has the perfect grill that suits your lifestyle and space.
Ready to host the family barbeque?

Design Your Own Outdoor Kitchen:

Create and visualize your dream kitchen for your outdoor space. Then turn that dream into reality.
Your perfect solution starts here. Family Leisure has everything you need to build an outdoor kitchen that serves up food and fun for the entire family.

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Family Leisure is your grill lover’s one-stop-shop, with an expansive collection of the very best brands in grilling. These high-quality grills are sure to please both flame-loving cooks and everyone they feed. We stand behind these brands, and we think you will, too.
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Keep your grill in top form with select grill accessories for cleaning, maintenance, storage and cooking. Covers. Brushes. Scrapers. Trays. You need it, we got it!

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Commonly Asked Questions

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How do I know which type of grill to buy?

A lot of this depends on your grilling preference. Do you like the flavor that charcoal brings to your food? Or maybe you prefer the convenience of a natural or propane gas grill? How about the WOW-factor of an infrared grill? When you’re shopping for a grill, answer that question first and the rest will fall in place better.
If you need more help, visit our Grill Buying Guide here: https://www.familyleisure.com/buyer-guides/grill-buying-guide/

I want to create an outdoor kitchen area. Where do I start? How much space will I need?

Well, you’ve come to the right starting place! An outdoor kitchen is a great investment for home and hearth, opening your gathering options significantly. An outdoor kitchen can accommodate any type of grill; natural gas, LP gas, charcoal. You can opt for a grill that performs a variety of functions or go for the basics.

For the space considerations, you need to look beyond just the type and size of the grill. How much storage will you want in your outdoor kitchen? How much independence from your indoor kitchen do you want?

How many people (on average) will you be entertaining outdoors? That will determine the space requirements for seating. After all, your indoor kitchen has a table and chairs, right? Consider getting square tables rather than round. You’ll be able to push them together and dine banquet style during larger events.

Overwhelmed? Family Leisure has all kinds of ideas and suggestions to help you get that party started. Visit our guide to designing your outdoor kitchen or stop by in-store for a consultation.

I prefer charcoal grills. What are my options?

You might think your love of charcoal limits your grill options. But there are plenty of options to choose from — and all of them will deliver that delicious smoky flavor you crave. Brazier. Pellet grill. Hibachi grills. Ceramic cookers. And much more. Visit our Types of Charcoal Grills blog for more info.

What type of charcoal can I use in my charcoal grill?

The standard size charcoal briquette will do. The standard size provides the most consistent heat and predictable burn time while grilling.