Black Algaecide by Swim Clear
$27.99 $19.99
Black Algaecide
Swim Clear
Super Algaecide by Swim Clear
$19.99 $13.99
Super Algaecide
Swim Clear
pH Reducer by Swim Clear
$17.99 $12.99
pH Reducer
Swim Clear
3" Chlorine Tablets by Swim Clear

From $24.99

3" Chlorine Tablets
Swim Clear
Conditioner / Stabilizer by Swim Clear
$21.99 $14.99
Calcium Plus by Swim Clear
$13.99 $9.99
Calcium Plus
Swim Clear
Alkalinity Increaser by Swim Clear
$12.99 $9.99
pH Increaser by Swim Clear

Starting At $9.99

pH Increaser
Swim Clear
Copper Algaecide by Swim Clear
$19.99 $13.99
Copper Algaecide
Swim Clear
Iron Remover by Swim Clear
$13.99 $9.99
Iron Remover
Swim Clear
Pool Magic + Phos Free by Natural Chemistry
$29.99 $21.99
Pool Magic + Phos Free
Natural Chemistry
Pool Perfect + Phos Free (2 Liter) - Step 2
$54.99 $39.99
Spring Start-Up Kit by Swim Clear
$41.99 $24.99
Tile & Vinyl Cleaner by Swim Clear
$12.99 $8.99
Pool First Aid by Natural Chemistry
$29.99 $19.99
Pool First Aid
Natural Chemistry

Pool Chemicals can give pool owners great relief! Your pool doesn't have to look like a murky marsh that sits in your backyard. It can run clean and clear, with next to no effort on your part. For the largest selection and the guaranteed best prices, think of Family Leisure. We have everything that you will need to maintain and sanitize your water, from opening to closing to opening again. We proudly carry the top brands like Swim Clear and King Technology, and we work hard to ensure that we deliver our customers safe and smart options  that are sold at the best value for your dollar. Whether you are looking for shock or any of our powerful algaecides, we have it, and we're here to help you! When you come into our store locations, you can enjoy the expert help from any of our many experts.