Tired of leaving the home to workout at the local gym? Rather than building an entire in-home gym, add a Hot Tub that combines the best features of a hot water spa, swimming pool, gymnasium and running track! Swim Spas grant the ability to achieve low-impact exercises through rowing, swimming, running and walking through water. Several models offer adjustable air and water flow regulators that changes the current power of each jet, while one model offers an innovative SuperSwim Pro Training System for exercise sessions without jets. Explore through each in this section to discover the perfect model to match your needs. Each one is loaded with technology, energy-efficient pumps and pulsating jets. And the TidalFit System offers a rower with two handles, stretch cords and a waistband for swimming, running and walking. Target all major muscle groups without leaving the backyard. And what other workout machine offers relaxing hydrotherapy jets, LED lights, cascading waterfalls and a stereo sound system? Maintain your weight, train for athletic competition or safely ease back into a workout routine after an injury with these swim spas by Artesian. The intense cardiovascular workouts will improve overall health and posture, lower stress levels and strengthen the body all in a low-impact liquid environment that prevents stress fractures and other injuries. Read our newest TidalFit Blog