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Fulton Shuffleboard by Plank & Hide
$3,799.99 $2,799.99
Paxton Shuffleboard by Plank & Hide
$4,589.00 $3,399.99
Gaston Shuffleboard by Plank & Hide
$4,499.99 $3,399.99
Bedford Shuffleboard by Leisure Select
$4,999.99 $3,499.00
Bedford 12' Shuffleboard Table
Imperial Billiards
Barnstable Shuffleboard by Leisure Select
14' Andover Shuffleboard - Espresso by Brunswick Billiards
$5,199.99 $3,799.99
Wells Shuffleboard by Leisure Select
$3,999.99 $2,949.99
12' Wells Shuffleboard
Leisure Select
Premier 12' Black Shuffleboard by Leisure Select
$1,799.00 $1,499.00
Isaac Shuffleboard by Plank & Hide
$5,499.99 $4,199.99
9' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard by Hudson Shuffleboards
$4,859.00 $3,599.00
9' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard
Hudson Shuffleboards
12' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard by Hudson Shuffleboards
$5,269.00 $3,899.00
12' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard
Hudson Shuffleboards
14' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard by Hudson Shuffleboards
$5,799.00 $4,299.00
14' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard
Hudson Shuffleboards
Ryker Shuffleboard Table by Plank & Hide
$5,999.99 $4,299.99
14' Ryker Shuffleboard
Plank & Hide Co
16' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard by Hudson Shuffleboards
$6,199.00 $4,599.00
16' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard
Hudson Shuffleboards
Indiana University Shuffleboard Table
$5,999.00 $4,499.00
University of Mississippi Shuffleboard
$5,999.00 $4,499.00

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The history of this category is filled with mystery and intrigue. For more than 500 years the larger version has been popular in Europe, yet the origins of the entertaining game is cloaked in obscurity. No country can declare it as their creation; one could assert the game was birthed on an ocean liner travelling in the Mediterranean and it would be hard to prove this claim wrong. First called “shovelboard” in England, it was popular amongst nobles and kings, but was outlawed amongst commoners. Eventually this popular pastime with the royals trickled down to the mainstream, morphing into “shove ha’penny” or “table shuffleboard”. While the larger version is quite popular as a deck game on cruise ships, in retirement communities and in country clubs, the popular table version spread throughout public house or pubs in England and mainland Europe. Sjoelbak, popular in the Netherlands, and curling, common in Scotland and Canada, are well-liked descendants of shuffleboard. Playing is competitive and easy! The general object is to place the weights, pucks, disks or biscuits into the opposing triangular or square scoring zones. Sliding the biscuit is an artwork that can require hours of practice to master. Each player alternates, trying to place their stones into the furthest zone, typically zone three, for the highest points, while also trying to bump off the opposing player’s pucks into the gutter. Zones are separated into one, two and three point scoring areas, the highest scoring area being the furthest zone from the shooter. Pros love using speed powder to improve the game play, and bowling pin sets and other upgrades are available to broaden the experience.