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Game Room Lighting

When designing a game room, most people focus their attention on the games. It’s fun to browse huge selections of pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables and poker tables. It’s exciting to envision all of the nights you’ll spend with you and yours huddled around a table, letting the spirit of competition carry you away.

When considering the quality of a billiards table, for example, shoppers are quick to understand the value of choosing a gorgeous mahogany 8’ table with beautiful green cloth over, say, a plastic foosball table. It’s easy to see that heirloom-quality furniture is timeless and dresses up a room, while a flimsy table might make not. But when all is said and done and you have chosen your game tables and they are installed and running in your basement, man cave, or game room, there’s often one thing that does not quite fit: proper lighting. Bright ceiling lights or dim lamps will not do the job in a game room. The wrong lighting fixture can ruin the ambiance and the game play.

We’ve found that the key to game room efficacy and ambiance is lighting. Lighting changes the look of a room like no other decorating component. Some pendants will create an old school man-cave vibe, while others can turn a dark basement into a high-end gaming parlor with a feminine twist. When buying game room lighting, you will want to consider both form and function.

Palmetto Game Table Light Michael Godard Poker Lights

Indirect Lighting

What kind of game tables are you placing in your game room? For two-in-one dining table and game table hybrids or for poker tables, some people prefer indirect lighting, like standing lamps and table lamps. Vita offers a non-traditional indirect lighting style with their line of huge EOS pendants that hang centrally and deliver ambient lighting to an entire room.

Indirect lighting does not sit right above the playing space but rather illumines the entire room, so the gaming table is visible, but does not have any harsh light beating down onto the players. This removes glares from playing cards, for example, and creates a low-stress atmosphere. Indirect lighting is frequently favored in rooms that double as both game rooms and bar rooms.

Conia Mini - White by VITA

Direct Lighting

Most serious gamers prefer direct lighting, because they want the best view of the action on the table. There are different styles of game room direct lighting options, but pendants are the most preferred. To a billiards player, a fine chandelier draped over a heirloom-quality pool table is a sight to behold.

Lite Source Inc. carries a line of billiards table lights that hang down like traditional pool table lighting, but they are fashion-forward with edgy crystal designs. Their pendants come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of tables: single-bulb pendants are ideal for hanging over poker tables, while two-bulb and three-bulb options are designed for use with pool tables.

Game room lighting options are versatile and many people also choose from brands like Lite Source and Vita to light work spaces and offices.

Blast Ceiling Lamp Pool Table Pendant

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