Black Diamond by Leisure Select
$2,699.99 $1,999.99
Black Diamond Pool Table
Leisure Select
Carmel w/ Optional Dining Top
Presidential Billiards
McDaniel Outdoor by Leisure Select
$3,299.99 $2,499.00
The Morse Pool Table by Plank & Hide


The Isaac Pool Table by Plank & Hide
$5,799.99 $3,999.99
Valley Black Cat  Pool Table
$3,999.99 $2,799.99
Tiger  Pool Table by Valley
$3,999.99 $2,799.99
Barnstable Pool Table Silver Mist
$5,999.99 $4,460.00
Hamilton w/ Optional Dining Top
Presidential Billiards
Madison Pool Table
Presidential Billiards
Kariba w/ Optional Dining Top
Presidential Billiards
Presidential Billiards
Sheffield by Leisure Select
$2,999.99 $1,999.99
Leisure Select
Brighton by Leisure Select
$3,499.99 $2,299.99
Leisure Select
Edinburgh by Leisure Select
$3,299.99 $2,199.99
Edinburgh Sierra
Leisure Select
Bedford by Imperial
$5,999.99 $4,090.00
Bedford - Includes Dining Top
Imperial Billiards

7' Pool Tables for Sale at Family Leisure. This scaled down version of a regulation pool table plays with the same performance and feel of a larger one, it is just a little smaller. A perfect size for bars or basements with obstructions, with all of the same fun and competition of a larger model. Our 7' options are available from some of the top brands in the industry such as, American Heritage Billiards, Plank and Hide, Imperial and Brunswick. Let us help you find the perfect table at the best price and of course we offer complete delivery and installation, backed with the best service anywhere in County. Learn more with our Buying Guide and protect your investment.