Polyurethane Furniture

We are all concerned about the environment and are trying to keep our carbon footprint small. One way to do this is by purchasing Polyurethane Patio Furniture. Constructed entirely of recycled and recyclable materials, it is a perfect option for the environmentally conscious consumer.Not only is poly patio furniture a “green” choice; it is also a smart choice for the consumer who wants patio furniture that requires no maintenance and is built to last for decades.Quality poly patio furniture is infused with color and treated with UV inhibitors which maintain the new look of the furniture season after season.

Plastic patio furniture is made to withstand virtually any climate and is practically indestructible. Made from a variety of different materials, mostly recycled, they are able to be ordered in many different colors and designs and require zero maintenance. If you are looking for comfort, affordability and ease of ownership, plastic outdoor patio furniture might be the way to go.

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