Length: 23, Chaise Lounge
Length: 18, Length: 19, Width: 20, Dining Seat w/ Back
Length: 20, Length: 20, Width: 22, Deep Seating (2pc)
Length: 22, Ottoman
Length: 23, Length: 19, Width: 20, Dining Seat w/ Back
Length: 26, Length: 19, Width: 20, Dining Seat w/ Back
Length: 20, Ottoman
Length: 20, Ottoman
Length: 22, Length: 22, Width: 22, Deep Seating (2pc)
Length: 28, Length: 20, Width: 22, Deep Seating (2pc)
Length: 23, Chaise Lounge
Length: 23, Chaise Lounge
Length: 19, Length: 18, Width: 20, Dining Seat w/ Back
Length: 20, Length: 20, Width: 22, Dining Seat w/ Back
Length: 22, Ottoman
Length: 23, Length: 19, Width: 20, Dining Seat w/ Back

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What gives patio furniture personality? Color! The first thing you will notice about a piece of patio furniture is the color of the cushion. Does it appeal to you? Is it a pattern that suits your personality? Will it enhance your patio and your home? But more important than the color of a cushion is the construction. A color you love today won’t give you any pleasure if it doesn’t weather well; if it loses its shape and comfort.

There are three main components of a cushion: the fabric, the construction and the core. First of all, you want a fabric that can take the abuse of sunlight and summer guests; one that can withstand a sudden squall and a splash of fruit punch. The best option is a solution-dyed acrylic that has been treated with UV inhibitors and is stain resistant. Secondly, look for a cushion that is well-constructed; one that fits the frame of the furniture and has tight seams and stitching. Check for a zipper – the ability to remove the casings from a cushion gives you the option of replacing or repairing the casings or core without having to purchase an entire cushion.

And thirdly, outdoor cushions should allow for drainage. No matter how hard you try to protect your cushions, they will get wet at some point. Open up a cushion and check the core construction. The most durable cushions will have one of three things; either a fully Dacron core; a combination of foam surrounded by Dacron and wrapped in a waterproof cover; or reticulated foam. (Reticulated foam resembles a honeycomb, which allows water drainage)

Any of these construction methods will allow water to drain out of your cushion; will discourage the growth of mildew; and will help your cushion keep its shape and comfort for several seasons.