Selecting the Right Patio Furniture

Patio furniture gives functionality to your untapped outdoor spaces. With the myriad of outdoor furniture designs, styles and materials out there, patio furniture shopping can be overwhelming to an unseasoned shopper. Family Leisure is a renowned leader in outdoor entertainment, comfort and style. When you shop with us, we aim to help you find designs that complement your style, colors that fit your palette, comfort that welcomes you and your guests, and durability that makes your investments last. Let us help you identify exactly what you're looking for.


Casual, formal, sophisticated or fun; what do you picture when you think of spending time outdoors? This will help determine what kinds of outdoor furniture sets you'll want to explore.

  • CASUAL You see your family sitting down together to enjoy the burgers Dad just cooked on the grill; the atmosphere is laid-back, low pressure and easygoing. You like to have a few friends over, swap stories over the latest IPA, and relaxing while the kids are in the pool or playing on the swing set. You don't want to think about mustard stains, fingerprints or the weather, so you need something that is attractive, functional and weather-ready. Lucky for you, casual is what patio furniture is all about; you have a huge variety of styles and materials from which to choose. Aluminum, wrought iron, poly lumber, all-weather wicker with sling and waterproof fabrics will work best for you. Check out Tropitone, Woodard, Windward, Telescope Casual, North Cape, Meadowcraft, Berlin Gardens, and Sunset West brands.

    Cayman Isle Dining

  • FORMAL You see a dozen guests milling about your outdoor space, enjoying their glasses of Shiraz and your elegant prosciutto appetizers. Maybe there will be a sumptuous, sit-down dinner around a formal table, or you will gather in front of the fireplace and enjoy an espresso and some scintillating conversation. You enjoy classic forms, regal designs and estate-style furnishings. You want an outdoor area that reflects your indoor areas, where the décor flows naturally from one to the other. Patio furniture has moved so far beyond picnic tables and folding strap chairs; there are styles to please the most discriminating tastes. Good options for a formal setting include cast aluminum, rattan and all-weather wicker with designer fabrics and all the accoutrements. Hanamint, Ebel, Woodard, Gensun, Alfresco Home, Cast Classics, Tommy Bahama and Royal Teak all offer upscale options for a posh patio.

    Grand Tuscany Dining

  • SOPHISTICATED Imagine sipping artisanal coffee and munching on scones from the corner bakery while organizing your play list; or chopping locally sourced produce for a salad to go with your antibiotic-free steaks and gin and tonics. If this sounds like you, you may have sophisticated tastes that call for sophisticated patio furniture. Clean, contemporary lines for cosmopolitan comfort, subtle style, and refined relaxation. Today's patio furniture can deliver smart, fashionable, and, yes, even edgy treatments for your discriminating palate. All-weather wicker, aluminum, teak and even some cast styles can fill the bill. Take a look at some of the offerings from Homecrest, Sunset West, Zuo Modern, Ebel, and Telescope Casual for some thoroughly modern options.

    Pinery Dining Patio Furniture

  • FUN You love to socialize; yours is the house that everyone migrates to for impromptu parties, you host movie night, game night, and poker night. It's in your driveway that they launch the Fourth of July fireworks, your garage that gets turned into a haunted house every Halloween, your place that lights up the street during the holidays. Your backyard is just one more place to party. You need patio furniture that reflects your convivial, sparkling, sociable self. You can go for casual, or you can kick it up a notch and have as much fun with your casual furniture as you do with the rest of your life. Turn your backyard into wonderland with the bright colors and fantastic designs you'll find at Polart. Show your team spirit and gather around a fire pit in your favorite team logo Adirondack chairs by Imperial International. Check out Tommy Bahama and Panama Jack for island-inspired collections. Check out the outdoor bar sets by Best of Times. Line up a collection of candy-colored chaise lounges from Berlin Gardens. Or jazz up any all-weather wicker, cast or extruded aluminum furniture with the rainbow of delightful colors, patterns and prints available for outdoor use.

    Luigi Armchair by Polart


1. How is this furniture going to be primarily used?

For example, do you have quiet family dinners or rowdy neighborhood parties? Consider super-sturdy frames and fabrics. Will you use the furniture on a daily basis or on rare occasions? Consider what you'll want to do with furniture when it's not in use. Do you need space for dining, or do you also want a lounging area? Measure your space.

2. Who is going to be using the furniture?

Do you have a small family? Do you often entertain large groups of people? Make sure you have seating for everybody when you gather outdoors. Do you have young children, teenagers or older adults utilizing your furniture? This can affect which frames and fabrics you choose.

3. Where is the furniture going to be placed?

Inside a sun or four season room? Outside on a wooden deck or a paver patio? Will it be on the grass or concrete slab? Will it be in a sheltered area or fully exposed to the elements? These factors affect which materials you'll want to look for.

4. Are there special considerations you need to account for?

Do you have a pool or are you near salt water? Do you live in a windy area? Do you have large trees? Do you have pets? Do you have a place to store the furniture during the winter? Avoid fabrics, or find the fabrics that don't stain and resist saltwater exposure.

5. What is your style?

Do you prefer classic, traditional styles or clean, modern design? Do you want your outdoor room to match your indoor aesthetic, or are you aiming to create a new and different mood? Each outdoor furniture collection has its own approach to style, and many are customizable with cushion choices, choices in finish and more.


The rising popularity of the outdoor living space has resulted in an astounding variety of patio furniture and accessories. The casual furniture market provides sets to accomodate settings that range from a simple concrete porch and charcoal grill to an elaborately executed outdoor kitchen and sitting area. This is great news for the consumer because there are a wide variety of styles, types, and brands of patio furniture and accessories available for every budget. Presently, there are at least five material types of furniture available for your outdoor space: metal, wood, wicker, poly-lumber and upholstered.

Wrought Iron Furniture1. Wrought Iron & Steel Patio Furniture

Wrought iron and steel furniture are very similar. Wrought iron is a low carbon form of steel.

Wrought iron and steel furniture ranges from budget-friendly to high end, designer wrought iron furniture. Wrought iron and steel furniture take abuse very well, and typically survives heavy usage. This style of furniture is weighty and is perfect for windy areas.

The main concern with wrought iron or steel furniture is the question of rust. This should not deter you from purchasing it, however, as modern manufacturing techniques include a zinc wash that inhibits the formation of rust. Also, if rust does occur, you simply sand and spray paint the affected area to make it disappear. Slight rusting will not compromise the integrity of the frames.

BRANDS: Woodard, Lyon Shaw, Alfresco, Homecrest, Meadowcraft

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture2. Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cast aluminum furniture is made by pouring molten aluminum into shaped molds. The molds are assembled to create the furniture. The result is a beautiful, heavy, weather-resistant piece of furniture.

Cast aluminum is extremely popular and is available for all budgets. One of the reasons cast aluminum is so desirable is its durability. Cast aluminum requires very little maintenance. An annual wash with mild soap and water often suffices. Cast aluminum has no rust issues which is another plus. High quality cast aluminum furniture is heavy, which makes it perfect if wind is a concern.

BRANDS: Hanamint, Gensun, Alfresco, Cast Classics, Leisure Select, Agio, Veranda Classics

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3. Extruded Aluminum Patio Furniture

Extruded Aluminum Patio FurnitureExtrusion is the process of shaping material, in this case, aluminum, by forcing it through a die. The resulting shapes are combined to create frames for chairs and tables. The result is a lighter weight, less cumbersome frame than cast aluminum. It still maintains the weather resistant properties, though.

Extruded aluminum is the type of furniture you would most often think of as “patio" furniture. This is the process generally combined with “sling" fabric to produce maintenance free, comfortable outdoor seating.

Cast aluminum and extruded aluminum elements are often paired on the same furniture pieces.

BRANDS: Tropitone, Woodard, Telescope, Windward, Agio, Homecrest

4. Wood Patio Furniture

Teak Bistro SetYou'll find everything from simple pine to luxurious teak in the world of wood patio furniture.

Not all woods are created equal! Different types of wood perform very differently and you should always take this into consideration. Softer woods (those products harvested from needle-bearing trees) are going to weather quickly and will require annual maintenance. Harder woods (those harvested from broad leaf trees) will last longer and will require less attention.

If your wood patio furniture will be in a sunroom or covered area, this isn't an issue. Soft woods such as pine, cypress, and redwood will be protected. However, if you plan to use your wooden furniture where it will be exposed to the elements, you should shop for a hardwood material. Harder woods taditionally include Brazilian cherry, jarrah and teak.

Teak furniture tends to be the most expensive purchase. However, it may be worth the extra dollars. Teak is one of the hardest woods available, which means it is impervious to insect damage. It won't rot or splinter, and it requires no special treatment if it is going to be exposed to rain and sun. New teak has a rich, buttery honey color and will maintain this look if you simply apply linseed oil to it once or twice a year. If left alone, teak will weather to a silvery gray finish.

BRANDS: Royal Teak, Tommy Bahama

5. Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker Patio FurnitureWicker furniture has undergone a revolution in the past several years. While rattan wicker is still available, there are other synthetic options that are widely popular. Wicker furniture is available in classic weaves and styles as well as modern weaves and styles.

Traditional wicker is usually rattan, but may be woven of other natural materials. It is suitable for indoor or covered areas. It will weather and will require some care if it is exposed to the elements.

Synthetic wicker can oftentimes be used in any climate. It doesn't break down or corrode when exposed to different types of weather, and requires no special maintenance.

BRANDS: Woodard, Cast Classics, Leisure Select, Veranda Classics, Chicago Wicker (North Cape), Ebel, Domus, Panama Jack

6. Poly Lumber Patio Furniture

Poly Lumber Patio FurnitureIn our increasingly eco-conscious world, many are going green. Poly lumber is an eco-friendly option in the outdoor furniture world.

Poly lumber is synthetic lumber which is often manufactured from recycled plastics. It is designed to mimic wood, as it is cut and assembled in the same way as wood.

Poly lumber is weather-friendly as well as eco-friendly. It treated with UV inhibitors, will not splinter or rot, is heavy for high wind areas, and will last a very long time. It is also available in a variety of colors and styles.

BRANDS: Cape Cod, Berlin Gardens, Telescope Casual


When shopping for cushion furniture, replacement cushions, and even throw pillows, be aware of the differences in the quality and performance of outdoor fabrics.

1. Polyester - Polyester is the most economical fabric option; it is also the least colorfast and will not weather well. If you are using polyester in an indoor or covered setting, it is an adequate in performance. However, using polyester fabric is a poor selection for any area that is exposed to direct sunlight. Polyester cushions should be stored out of all weather when possible. They can be cleaned with soap and water. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents!

2. Olefin - Olefin fabric is a synthetic fiber derived from polypropylene or polyethylene. This makes for a strong, stain and mildew resistant fabric, often used for automobile interiors. Olefin is not a soft fabric, and the resulting cushions tend to feel rough and stiff. Olefin can be cleaned with water, detergent and bleach if necessary.

3. Acrylic - 100% solution dyed acrylic is the fabric of choice for most outdoor applications. It is water, stain and mildew resistant and is treated with UV inhibitors that provide exceptional fade resistance. Sunbrella and Outdura are two trade names of solution dyed acrylic. This fabric requires minimal care, is easy to clean and is a wise choice for areas where chlorine is used. 100% solution dyed acrylic has a pleasing texture, mimicking indoor fabrics with its soft appeal.

4. Crypton - A relative newcomer to the outdoor fabric arena is Crypton. This fabric has been employed for several decades in hospitals and other institutions, and now it's adapted for outdoor use. If you need a cushion fabric that offers extreme stain and water resistance, Crypton is engineered for a minimum of 1000 hours UV protection and contains microbial resistance against mold and mildew. An integrated moisture barrier provides exceptional protection from the elements. This makes the fabric a bit more stiff than indoor fabrics. Crypton fabric can be cleaned with water and laundry detergent if necessary, but most of the time a damp cloth with water is sufficient.

Rest assured knowing Family Leisure offers top quality outdoor furniture, as well as extended warranties on most pieces. Create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space with furniture and accessories, all customized to fit your home, personal style and color palette. Purchase with confidence and sit back and relax in the great outdoor space known as your backyard. Shop our Patio Furniture and Accessories or take a look at our page that has replacement cushions.

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