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Pergolas, Gazebos, Pavilions, Oh My!

What's The Difference?

Adding an outdoor structure to your backyard can change that space from meh to a place you actually want to be. There are all kinds of edifices (say that fast10 times) that will provide shade, offer protection from the rain and create a venue for upscale outdoor entertainment. The pergola, gazebo and pavilion are all gorgeous ways to establish this space, but what's the difference between the three? How do you know what you are shopping, planning and or collaborating on?

The Pergola

The dictionary defines a pergola as an arbor; an arch in a garden that is designed to be a trellis for vines. This is like saying a blue whale is a big fish. (Yes, I know, whales are mammals, shhhh) Pergolas can be as large and elaborate as you desire; they can create an atmosphere, define a space, add natural beauty and architectural interest to your outdoor area. And you can still plant vines that will grow up the structure and will add to the beauty. Pergolas are redolent of Tuscan countrysides, rolling vineyards, dripping wisteria, sultry summer evenings. Family Leisure actually has a line of pergolas https://www.familyleisure.com/Outdoor-Rooms/Wood-Pergolas that may be just what you are looking for.


wood pergola 


The Gazebo

A gazebo is an open structure with a roof, usually built in a place that offers a lovely view. Gazebos, or summerhouses, are traditionally rounded, sometimes octagonal or hexagonal. You will often find gazebos in park settings where they are used as bandstands and wedding venues. A gazebo suggests the South; plantations, grassy lawns overlooking a duck pond, ladies in summer dresses, playing cards on a lazy summer afternoon. This is a good choice if you want to create a romantic, whimsical space.




The Pavilion

A pavilion is a simple, open-air structure with a roof; these are often used for concerts, fairs, and social gatherings. A pavilion creates a casual, open, its time for a party atmosphere that is ideal for outdoor rooms. Although a pavilion can be a permanent structure, you can also find pavilions that are portable in the form of tents. This might be an option for you if you want something to anchor a space, to give you some protection from the elements, but aren't really ready to commit to an actual building.

Here are some pavilions created by Family Leisure to protect outdoor kitchen areas:



Outfitting Your Outdoor Space

Whether you are a pergola, gazebo, pavilion or combination of all three sort of outdoor enthusiast, Family Leisure has absolutely everything you will need to set it up! For outdoor kitchens, gas grills, fire tables and fire pits and an incredibly huge assortment of outdoor furniture, check out familyleisure.com to get some great ideas on what's going under or inside your outdoor structure.


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