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9 Foot Pool Tables For Sale

Ready to play like a pro? Then you’re ready for a 9-foot pool table, the tables played on by the Top Dogs. As seen on TV. The big mama-jamma. A no-holds-barred, tournament-size billiards table that brings out the hungry competitor in us all. There’s nothing like playing on a 9-Footer. Surprisingly athletic. Undeniably challenging.I mmensely rewarding. Great for pool halls and larger basements.

Do you have the space for it? Check out our pool sizing guide to find out.

And don’t just stop at the table. Deck outyour game room with all the latest in accessories , from matching spectator chairs to cue sticks . Keep the billiard felt clean and in top form. Add storage space and cue racks that do more than simply complement the room’s décor — they enhance it.

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Brands. Size. Style. Materials. Finish. With so many options to consider, picking the
perfect billiard table might seem like a daunting task.

It doesn't have to be. And with Family Leisure, it won't be.

We make it finding the perfect table incredibly easy, undeniably worry-free and ultimately
satisfying. We know our catalogue of premium 8-foot pool tables inside and out.
Together, we'll find the perfect table at the best price — the table you'll be proud to own
and show off for years to come.

And to round out the experience, we offer complete delivery and installation, backed by
the largest network of professional installers in the country. Visit our pool table Buying Guide
and learn how to care for and protect your investment.

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Need a smaller pool table? Family Leisure offers a full range of "regulation standard" billiard table sizes,
including the 7-foot "bar box" and 8-foot "standard" pool tables. All crafted with the same attention to quality and detail that you would come to expect from
top names such as American Heritage, Brunswick, Imperial, Leisure Select and more.

8 Foot Pool Tables
7 Foot Pool Tables