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Bring Home the Best Pool Tables with Brunswick

The Exposition Novelty from BrunswickIt's hard to imagine pool tables without thinking of Brunswick Billiards. An American company with a long and valued history, Brunswick produces Billiard Tables that are considered some of the very best pool tables available on the market today. In fact, while most manufacturers of pool tables must introduce themselves to customers, Brunswick is a familiar household name known around the globe. Recently Family Leisure added Brunswick Billiard Tables to our vast line of pool tables, and we are quite proud of this addition. View Family Leisure Brunswick Pool Tables here.

The History of Brunswick

The story of Brunswick Billiards starts with the American dream. John Moses Brunswick came to United States at the age of 15 from Switzerland. An industrious youth, by 1845 Brunswick had opened his own business in Cincinnati, Ohio, at first dedicated to making carriages. But Brunswick was inspired when he laid eyes on his first billiard table, and decided to change the course of his company to make these fun pieces of furniture that doubled as a game table.

The Exposition Novelty from BrunswickIt was great timing, for most of the billiard tables in America during the 1840s were actually European imports. The market was in need of American manufacturers, and Brunswick witnessed wild success. By 1848 Brunswick had expanded to Chicago, and by the 1870s the company started buying out or absorbing competitors. Soon the Brunswick name would dominate the billiard industry worldwide.

By the late 1800s and early 1900s the Brunswick Company started to expand into a wide variety of areas outside of billiards. In the late 1800s it was neo-classical bars for saloons, bowling balls, bowling pins and bowling equipment, and by the early 1900s it was toilet seats, automobile tires, phonographs, records and even refrigerators. During the two world wars Brunswick was even a military contractor, providing products to help the war effort.

After World War II Brunswick continued this expansion into various products, producing golf equipment, yachts and pleasure boats. In fact, Brunswick still produces most of these items under numerous brand names such as Life Fitness, Bayliner and more. Today known as the Brunswick Corporation, they are headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois a suburb of Chicago.

Brunswick Billiards & Family Leisure

Exposition Novelty Inlays DetailNo line of billiard tables is complete without including Brunswick Billiard tables. So at Family Leisure we were quite proud when we added Brunswick Billiards to our lineup of pool tables for your home. Brunswick tables are considered to be the very best billiard tables available, offering supreme craftsmanship, superior style and incredible innovations. Just a glance at some of their tables is enough to cause gasps of wonder and excitement, such as the Exposition Novelty Pool Table pictured at the top of this blog as an example (view the Exposition Novelty here).

The award-winning Exposition Novelty Pool Table from Brunswick was first produced in 1878. The name comes from the gold medals this table won in various expositions during the late 1800s in Cincinnati and San Francisco, and Brunswick decided to reintroduce this model in 2010 in honor of their 165th anniversary.

Along with the incredible French Empire style, with intricate inlays and veneers (pictured above right), this table offers a limited edition brass Brunswick emblem, matching cue rack and a matching Exposition Novelty pool cue. An extremely rare table that is only available during certain times of the year, the Exposition Novelty is quite possibly the most extravagant billiard table available on the market today. Its sheer beauty will become the focal point of any interior space.

This over-the-top style is not exclusive to the Exposition Novelty when it comes to Brunswick. Note the Zanzibar Pool Table pictured left as an example The Zanzibar showcases a mix of styles and materials from around the globe, blending European, Middle Eastern, Indian and African patterns and designs. They continue in the global theme with various woods and materials, such as American Cherry and European Mappa burl, along with original design elements such as the handcrafted brass monkeys that support each pocket.

The Glenwood Pool Table from BrunswickAnd while Brunswick tables can be extremely ornate and wildly expensive, there are certain models with lower price points and customizable features. Take the Glenwood Pool Table for example, pictured right (view the Glenwood Pool Table here). The Glenwood Pool Table is extremely customizable, granting several finishes and style options. Choose between seven, eight or nine foot pool tables; Ball and Claw, Queen Anne or Ram's Head feet; Round, Cabriole or Tapered legs and aged Russet, Chestnut, Espresso, Old World Cherry, Traditional Cherry or an innovative two-toned Cherry and Black finish. The options are wide ranging with Brunswick Billiards; we promise you will find a look to match any space, contemporary or classic.

Family Leisure is proud to carry Brunswick Billiards, an exceptional company that produces exceptional billiard products. View Family Leisure Brunswick Billiard Tables here. And Family Leisure offers several different brands and types of billiard tables for the home or for commercial use; view Family Leisure Billiard Tables here.

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