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Commonly Asked Questions

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What’s the perfect location for my hot tub?

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a home spa location. Will you want to use the hot tub during the winter? Are you purchasing a hot tub for rest and relaxation? Or purely social reasons? Before you can determine the “where,” carefully consider “when” and “why” you want to use your hot tub.

If I select “Backyard Delivery,” what can I expect?

Our professional delivery team will survey the area to ensure that there is clear access for the truck or four-wheel spa dolly. The spa will be brought directly to the location using either a small flatbed truck or manually with the use of a spa dolly, depending on access and customer requirements.

Once the spa is in place, we will haul away any trash, supply you with your start-up chemical kit and provide basic operating and set-up instructions.

See more here: https://www.familyleisure.com/Hot-Tub-Delivery

What if I want a spa for relaxation, but I also want a pool I can use for exercise?

The swim spa is your one-stop-shop; you can work out and then sit back and unwind. The swim spa is designed to give you all the benefits of swimming, walking, jogging, running, rowing, strength training, and stretching – all with no impact. Family Leisure carries the TidalFit Swim Spa by Artesian is the perfect choice!

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