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Hot Tub Delivery

What to Expect on Your Backyard Delivery by Family Leisure - Now Available Nationwide 

The time has come to have your brand new hot tub delivered. Here is the standard process:

  1. Upon arrival, the delivery team will survey the area from the driveway to the final destination to ensure that there is clear access for the truck or four wheel spa dolly. There will need to be a minimum of 45" of clearance through gates, between houses, around corners and clear from any debris or blockage. Also be sure there is proper overhead clearance based on the size of your spa.
  2. Delivery crews do not deliver up steps, on tiers or stairways and we do not provide crane service. Please call for details if this is required for your delivery.
  3. All spas should be on a solid foundation. We recommend a 4-inch thick concrete slab or a deck that can support at least 150 lbs. per square foot. Other types of foundations should be approved by a qualified contractor or engineer.
  4. The spa will be brought directly to the location using either a small flatbed truck or manually with the use of a spa dolly, depending on access and customer requirements. 
  5. Once the spa is in place, we will haul away any trash, supply you with your start-up chemical kit and provide basic operating and set-up instructions. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If backyard delivery is not selected at checkout, we will bring the spa to the nearest streetside location or driveway and lower it down to ground level using a liftgate. Take me Back to the Hot Tubs Page

Spa Chemical Kit Includes: 2 lbs Granular 56 Chlorine, 1 Pint Clarifier, 1 Pint Oxidizing Shock, 1 Pint Defoamer, 1.5 lbs pH Down, 1.5 lbs pH Up, 1.5 lbs, Alkalinity Up, 1 Pint Clarifier, 1 Pint Metal Control, Water Testing Chart, 10 Count Test Strips