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Grills Priced More Than $6,000 For Sale & With Free Nationwide Shipping! If you require nothing but the very best on your patio or in your outdoor grill island, then you will love this section dedicated to liquid propane and natural gas outdoor grills and grill heads priced more than $6,000. These cooking devices are enormous, offering considerable advantages over smaller models. Not only do they feature the largest cooking surfaces available in the outdoor grill market, but they are well-built masterpieces, presenting stainless steel hoods and carts along with high-quality components, such as gas knobs and push-button igniters. Each model showcases significant offerings that are typically extras on other grills, from built-in rotisseries and meat thermometers to stunning LED lighting and integrated refrigerators. Grills and grill heads of this size require special attention; the soundest and safest models are manufactured by established companies. We have done the leg-work for you. Family Leisure has scoured the country for the finest outdoor grill manufacturers, and the generous grills found in this section come from elite brands such as Alfresco Grills, Fire Magic Grills and Viking Outdoor Grills. And while you can trust the products produced by these companies, each product sold is backed by Family Leisure, a name unsurpassed in customer service and experience since 1967.