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Perma Salt Preparate by Family Leisure
product #3333

Perma Salt Preparate

by Family Leisure
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A Natural Pool Sanitizing System That Makes Pool Care Easy

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Product Details

25 lb. Bucket of Perma Salt Preparate

Preparate is Part 1 of a 3 Part Perma Salt Chemical System. It is the initial water treatment to prepare the water for the Perma Salt System. Preparate is a sodium based salt that is enhanced with not only borates, but also mineral removers and cyanuric acid. The salt provides a medium through which the Perma Salt minerals may be dispersed. Borates, as a water prep, removes carbon dioxide from the water. All plant based life forms such as algae, require carbon to live. By removing the carbon dioxide, algae cannot grow while the mineral levels are coming up to the desired levels. The mineral remover eliminates counterproductive minerals found in the normal water supply. By eliminating these interfering minerals, the natural minerals produced by the Perma Salt Chamber will be more effective. The cyanuric acid, which works in conjunction with Activate, prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight. Preparate is the initial water preparation treatment and is a once a year treatment.


  • Is not a Salt Generator
  • Does Not Convert Salt into Chlorine
  • Is a Natural Synergy Approach to Water Purity
  • Simplifies Pool Ownership and Maintenance
  • Only Requires Adding Chemicals Every 2 Weeks
  • Soft on Skin, Hair, Eyes and Swimsuits
  • Has .002ppm less salt than a tear
  • More Cost Effective than any other non-chlorine system - Guaranteed
  • Part of the Family Leisure "Algae Free Guarantee Program"

The Perma Salt System uses a natural synergy for a holistic approach to water purification. First, the Perma Salt Chamber disperses natural minerals into the water, such as copper and silver, that serve as a natural algaecide and sanitizer. By simply adjusting the dial, these natural mineral levels can be adjusted and maintained to their ideal levels. In addition, these natural minerals are complemented by a family of ancillary products.

Start Up

The total dissolved solids (TDS) of the water must be at a minimum of 1000 ppm in order for the copper to reach optimal levels. This is done by adding the 25 lb. bucket of  Preparate and 1 bag of Activate. If your TDS levels do not reach 1000ppm contact your Local Family Leisure for options on raising your TDS.


Test for copper levels. Your copper level should be maintained between .3 and .5 ppm. Adjust the output levels by turning the control knob up or down. It may take a few days for your copper levels to reach the desired levels.

Every 2 Weeks 

  • Add 1 bottle of Klairate & 1 Bag of Activate (2 Bags for 30' and Larger)
  • Regulate copper levels by adjusting the dial on the Perma Salt System
  • Test and adjust Ph and Alkalinity as needed

Optimal levels for properly balanced Perma Salt water

  • pH 7.2 - 7.8
  • Total Alkalinity 80-140ppm
  • Calcium Hardness 200-350ppm
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 1000ppm minimum

NOTE: Customers using well water with the Perma Salt System should not use an iron remover. This will counteract with the the copper ions that the Perma Salt System is generating.


Family Leisure
Pool Chemicals:
  • Pool Opening Chemicals

Shipping 25 lb.

Function Water Prep


Start-Up Details Below

Maintenance Details Below

Wait to Swim 24 Hours

Shelf Life No

Substitute No

Use Swimming Pools

Application Skimmer

FedEx / ups Yes

Online Item Yes

In Store Item Yes

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