Perma Salt Pool Sanitation System uses a natural holistic approach to water maintenance and clarity, which is different than most methods of water sanitation. The System's Chamber introduces natural minerals into the water, such as copper and silver, which serve as an effective algaecide. Adjusting the levels of the minerals is as simple as turning a dial and the perma salt chemical program requires only adding a small amount of chemicals every other week. The three part perma salt program has an inital water treatment that prepares the water for the Perma Salt system and uses a shock and a natural enzyme clarifier. It is a low cost, effective and easy way to keep your water crystal clear and your mind free from worry and effort. If you have tried a traditional chemical program using chlorine or other sanitizers and would like to try something different that will save some money and save time, try out Perma Salt. View our Pool Supplies Buyers Guide before you start shopping!