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When is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

Summer’s Nearly Over...which means it's a great time to buy patio furniture!

The best time to buy patio furniture

Patio FurnitureYou might think that the best time to buy patio furniture would be in the spring, but you would be wrong. Autumn is the perfect time to shop for that new deep seating or dining set you have been wanting. Here are reasons you should be shopping for your outdoor space right now!

Clearance Sales

Take advantage of clearance and close out sales at rock bottom, end of the season prices! Now is the time to pick up that left-over table, those lonely chaises, that sofa and loveseat that don’t “match” but still look great together. 

Inventory Reduction Sales

This is the time of the year stores take stock, literally, of what they have left-over from the summer. If they decide not to carry it over into the next patio furniture season, you will be able to snag some gorgeous furniture at incredible prices. 

You Can Use Your New Furniture Now!

You don’t have to wait until spring to unveil your new furniture; buy it, bring it home and use it! Outdoor entertaining can last way into the fall, with outdoor heaters, lighting and fire features keeping things bright and warm. 

No Time Crunch for Special Orders

If you want something specific to your own particular tastes, this is the time to shop and order. Your furniture and accessories will be here way before that graduation open house, Mother’s Day brunch or Memorial Day party has even made it to the planning stages. 

At Family Leisure, you can head into any of our brick and mortar stores and check out their inventories; you can also head to our online outdoor furniture store and take advantage of all the great mark-downs on patio furniture and accessories available now! 

Check out this striking powder-coated aluminum dining set by Leisure Select, available at 50% off!

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