Let's review the types of patio furniture cushion fabrics

Quality outdoor fabric is amazing. It's synthetic (acrylic, olefin or polyester) yet manages to feel like cotton, is water and stain resistant (Crypton is virtually waterproof) and it has been treated with UV inhibitors, so it will retain its beautiful colors and patterns for several seasons with no noticeable fading.

ACRYLIC fabrics are soft to the touch, they dry quickly, are mildew resistant, easy to clean and will stay cool in the sun. Sunbrella is one of the best known acrylic fabric manufacturers. They have done a great job of promoting themselves and you can find Sunbrella ads in décor and home improvement magazines. They have an incredible catalog of fabric, every color you can imagine, and coordinating patterns to match. Sunbrella is the perfect fabric for outdoor cushions and umbrellas.

A lesser known brand of fabric, Outdura, is very similar to Sunbrella. It is acrylic, has UV inhibitors, and also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

OLEFIN fabrics are the best wearing of all outdoor fabrics. Like acrylics, they are fade and stain resistant and dry quickly. They tend to be less expensive than acrylic fabric and, while they lack the softness of acrylics, they often have more interesting textures.

POLYESTER fabric has the strongest yarn, is inexpensive and dries quickly. However, the great disadvantage to cushions made from polyester is that they will quickly fade and cannot be exposed to chlorine.

PVC POLYESTER is the fabric that has a plastic feel, most often used for slings. It's a polyester yarn coated with PVC, which makes it very strong, long-wearing, easy to clean, quick drying and mildew resistant. PVC polyester is generally not suitable for cushions or pillows.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no…it’s CRYPTON! I can’t help but think of Superman every time I hear the word “Crypton”. Strong enough to take down the man of steel, Crypton fabric has been used in the restaurant, cruise ship, hotel and health care industries for several years and has just recently become suitable for outdoor cushions. It's durable and antimicrobial while being flame, stain and water resistant.

Ask what type of fabric is being utilized on cushions and pillows when you are shopping for Patio Furniture; knowing what you are buying will help you determine if it is suitable for how you want to use it. And be sure to use our Patio Furniture Cushion Search Engine to find the perfect cushion for your outdoor furniture.

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