Uncommon Gift Ideas

Think Outside The Box For Gifts This Year - It's November, so all the stores are decorated for Christmas, just the way they should be. To be fair, it is generally better to get your gift shopping finished early so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season. Unless you are a procrastinator, like my brother-in-law, who insists the best shopping is at a drug store on Christmas Eve. No one wants him to get their name in the annual Christmas gift exchange, however.

Family Leisure is a big store with big stuff; so maybe its not the first place you think of when you are imagining what's going under the tree. But big stuff can have a big impact; maybe you can't wrap a swimming pool but you imagine how much fun its going to be for family and friends all summer long. And, in case you hadn't noticed, summers seem to be getting longer and longer. 

Maybe a swimming pool isn't on your list this year; but how about a brand new, top of the line grill for that man who just can't get enough of cooking outdoors? Family Leisure offers everything from ceramic smokers to outdoor wood-fired ovens; natural, propane and charcoal grills and every accessory you will ever need. The Saffire Grill Smoker, in a fabulous shade of red allows traditional "kamado" style cooking with its heavy-duty one inch thick ceramic components and gasket seal.

The Fornetto Wood Fired Oven Smoker is a multi-function wood fired oven and smoker. You know those wood-fired pizzas at that specialty restaurant? You can cook them at home. The Fornetto has a spacious and energy efficient oven and is crafted of stainless steel.

What about a pool table? Family Leisure has an incredible assortment of tables, at every price point and style. Here's one of my favorites; the Talbot by Plank and Hide. It's gorgeous and has and practical, with a hidden storage drawer. Sturdy quad beam bracing, genuine 1" thick slate and leather shield pockets. Or check out the ultra contemporary Spectrum table by Imperial. Sure, it'd be hard to wrap, but you can wrap up a box of billiard balls and get the same reaction. And if you are afraid to choose, Family Leisure has gift certificates. Tuck a gift certificate inside a box of pool balls. Best. Christmas. Ever.

How about an amazing swing set? The Monterey by Backyard Discovery offers a variety of activities for the little ones. What an incredible gift from the grandparents, or a family gift for all the kids. Or take it to the next level with the Titan Treehouse Jumbo 4 by Backyard Adventures. The kids will enjoy the rock wall, pole, bridge and optional accessories for years to come.

No one will say no thanks to home theater seating; this individual or family gift will become the favorite spot in the house. Family Leisure offers all kinds of styles, materials, accessories for Home Theater Seats. The snazzy Tuscany by Leisure Select comes in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. It offers power reclining, high resiliency foam for comfort, precision tailoring and removable snack trays! The Indianapolis by Palliser has incredible upgrades like LED ground lighting, LED cup holder lights, and a Butt Kicker Bass Shaker Sound System. It is also available in dozens of cover options. Put a bow on it and become the best gift giver, period.

Games are always a winner at Christmas. Give the ultimate game with Arcade Legends by Chicago Gaming. This classic arcade video gaming system comes with 130 video games, and no quarters needed!!! Or how about Arcade Games' All Star Baseball Pinball? That sweater might be going back, but this? Never! With sound enhanced announcer, umpire and fans, fireworks and flashbulbs, a digital scorer and adjustable bat speed and strength, this is one present that is going to be a real winner.

These are just a few uncommon gift ideas; Family Leisure has a multitude of items that will bring joy to the lives of the ones you love. Spas, tanning beds, bar stools, patio furniture, bars, game and poker tables, massage chairs (ooooh massage chair!), outdoor kitchens, pergolas, pool toys, games, foosball, air hockey, trampolines, basketball goals...everything and anything to make this a Christmas that will go down in history. Check out familyleisure.com or visit one of our many stores!

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