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Outdoor Fire Pits Are Cool

Tile Top Stone Base Custom Fire PitWhile we have discussed Fire Pits before (read Autumn Nights: Fire Pits & Fireplaces here), let's delve into a specific category of outdoor fire pits: gas fire pits powered by liquid propane or natural gas.

While wood-burning fire pits are fun, they do require a little bit of work to setup along with producing dirty soot, smoke and airborne particles. If you are searching for a clean, fast and easy alternative, try a gas fire pit.

These sources of outdoor fire produce virtually no airborne particles and are easy to clean. Instead of dealing with heavy logs, stinky lighter fluid and dozens of broken matches, a gas fire pit starts and stops with a simple push of a button or turn of a key. They're that easy!

Family Leisure has always offered custom gas fire pits from Leisure Select, such as the Tile Top / Stone Base Custom Fire Pit pictured right as an example (view the Tile Top / Stone Base Custom Fire Pit here). But don't let this image fool you! This fire pit offers 13 different tile choices along with nine different stacked stone colors. Mix and match the tile and stone to create the perfect look for your outdoor area, perhaps to match the patio pavers or the exterior of your home.

Mohave Stone Fire PitNot a fan of stone and tile? We have several other options in our Custom Fire Pit section (view all Family Leisure Custom Fire Pits here). Choose between granite, concrete or tile tops with stucco or stone bases in a variety of colors. Create a tile trim that's a different color than the main tile for an added custom design element. You're only limited by your imagination with these custom pieces.

And recently we added six new gas fire pits as examples of these custom fire pits; all six are ready to ship within 48 hours of you placing an order and are priced competitively for customer satisfaction. To see these six new fire pits, view Family Leisure Custom Fire Pits here.

Each of the six (Southwest Blend Stone, Mohave Stone, Wolf Creek Stone, Vintage Wine Stone, Empedora Tile and Brushwood Stucco) offer the most popular tile, stucco and stone choices. Obtain a rugged fire pit featuring a rustic concrete top with the Wolf Creek Stone Fire Pit (view the Wolf Creek here) or the Brushwood Stucco Fire Pit (view the Brushwood Stucco Fire Pit here). Or watch flames and flickers reflect in the dark tile found within the Empedora Tile Fire Pit (view the Empedora Tile Fire Pit here). Three of the fire pits, including the Mohave Stone Fire Pit (pictured above left as an example; view the Mohave Stone Fire Pit here) mix three materials: two types of tile (inside and trim) along with one type of stone.

What does this mean to you? If you want a truly custom look that matches your home perfectly, try viewing the custom fire pits without pricing in the Custom Fire Pit section here. They lack pricing because of the broad choices of materials available. Please call 877.775.3478 and speak with one of our Family Leisure staff members for a full list of material choices and prices.

So while most of the Family Leisure custom fire pits will take a little bit of time putting together, the new six mentioned above will ship out quickly while being priced lower, since they are assembled in bulk. So if you wish to save a little bit of stress and money, you can simply check out through our website with these fire pits without placing a call to us; the ordering process is designed to be fast, simple and easy, much like ownership, maintenance and cleaning of gas fire pits in general.

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