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Why spend those crisp and clear autumn nights inside?

The Clark FireplaceIf you are fortunate enough to live in an area where you get to experience the changing seasons, this is the time of year you might be thinking about packing up the patio. But why spend those crisp and clear autumn nights inside when adapting to your outdoor living area is as easy as putting on a sweatshirt?

Fire creates a mood, provides warmth and light and is the centerpiece for a great gathering. There are several options for adding fire to your backyard. If you have the room, you can dig a fire pit. Check out the How to Build a Backyard Firepit Blog for simple instructions (read the How to Build a Backyard Firepit Blog here).

Surround your fire pit with some fabulous Adirondack chairs. These recycled poly lumber Adirondacks from Cape Cod (see the Comfo-Back Adirondack Chairs here) are amazingly comfortable, available in a variety of colors and come with a 20 year warranty. If you prefer to not get down and dirty with a shovel, there are also a variety of portable fire pits available.

You can go for the purely functional or choose a fire pit that adds beauty to your outdoor area. We have discussed Dagan Industries before and their line of affordable and portable fire pits (view Dagan Industries products here; view Family Leisure Portable Fire Pits here). If you are looking for a fast and inexpensive solution, a portable fire pit model provides a great choice.

St. Augustine Fire PitThere are fire pits with matching chairs, like the cast aluminum grouping from Hanamint pictured left as an example (view the St. Augustine Fire Pit Set by Hanamint here). Are you looking for a little more function in your fire pit set? The versatile Farfalla fire pit by Alfresco Home not only complements any décor, it also serves a variety of purposes (view the Farfalla Chat Height by Alfresco Home here). Use it as a beverage cooler in the summer and a fire pit in the autumn. 

If you prefer a more organic look, there are fire pits constructed with stone, brick, granite and stucco. The James Fire Pit Project by Leisure Select can be customized with your choice of stone. View the James Fire Pit Project here. But be aware: this is a wood burning fire pit, so there's a little bit of work involved when you build a fire!

The Sonoma FireplaceLike the idea of a fire pit but aren’t too handy with an ax? You can nix the wood all together. Natural gas and liquid propane fire pits are practical options and can be equipped with electronic starters.  If you like the look of wood, you can add faux cut logs. If your tastes run to something more stylish, there is a wide array of colored glass available. The Granite Fire Pit Table from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company provides and upscale look and liquid propane fuel source; view the Granite Fire Pit Table from Outdoor GreatRoom here.

Another option is an outdoor fireplace, like the Sonoma Gas Fireplace by Outdoor GreatRoom pictured right as an example; view the Sonoma Fireplace by Outdoor GreatRoom here. It's designed to arrive in easy-to-assemble pieces, so you will not have to hire a work crew to install it.

Just remember that designs and variations are unlimited with fire pits and fireplaces, and you have the option to make your fire fuel source wood-burning or gas. So round up the friends and family, pour a mug of hot cider and gather round the fire. The leaves are changing colors, Andromeda is in the sky and one of the best times to be outdoors has just started!

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