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Yes, The New Finnleo Saunas Are Sweet

The B880 Finnleo SaunaFilling out a line of infrared saunas and traditional saunas carried for years by Family Leisure, the new additions to the Finnleo Home Saunas for sale are all impressive investments for both your health and home. In short, the new Finnleo saunas are sweet additions to any abode.

Like most things, the new Finnleo models can be divided into different series. The new series carried by Family Leisure include the B Series and the PS Series. Let's review both to help buyers find the best sauna for their needs. [View all Finnleo Saunas from Family Leisure here.]

Finnleo’s B Series Saunas come in various sizes with various offerings; choose between the B810, B820, B830, B840, B870 and the B880 Sauna pictured right. Exteriors of Hemlock and/or Cedar are offered; be sure to call Family Leisure for the full range of choices when it comes to the wood.

Just like in the past, Finnleo's attention to design shines with easy-to-install models built for the home (120 volt) such as the B880. Panoramic windows, clean lines and a touch of technology create a modern marvel. It will transform any empty corner with a striking contemporary appearance. And this particular model seats three people on a comfortable bench, perfect for families, couples or individuals that constantly have company.

The PS44 Sauna by FinnleoInfrared heat is emitted by the Saunatec CarbonFlex Heating System through the seats and in-floor heated ceramic tiles; the very best luxurious technology! Rock out while you sweat with the heat-proof stereo system speakers... and the B880 Sauna features a special touch: an integrated Color Light Therapy System. View all of the cool features of the B880 Sauna by Finnleo here.

Looking for the health benefits of steam, but not concerned with having a party in your sauna? Consider the PS44 Sauna from Finnleo pictured right, a remarkable item in the new PS Series of Saunas that offers both the wet and dry sauna experience in a small one-person package.

Eliminate allergic reactions, hydrate the skin and purge pore toxins with a deep steam sauna. Or hit the dry sauna to increase your metabolism and blood flow, a great solution for painful joints and perfect for safe after workout relaxation sessions.

Considered a portable sauna due to its small size and how it easily snaps together, the PS44 Sauna offers modern digital technology, a stereo system, color therapy lighting and more. View all of sweet features of the PS44 Sauna from Finnleo here.

The PS66 Sauna by FinnleoThe PS Series includes the PS44, PS46, PS55, PS57 and the PS66. If the PS44 is remarkable in this new line, then the next sauna featured is just downright extraordinary. It seats four people in a comfortable setting that provides steam heat and dry heat. It's the massive PS66 Finnleo Home Sauna, a perfect combination of old-school body therapy and modern technology.

This 220 volt model uses a small amount of electricity for its size with a powerful 4.5 KW heater. Relax listening to your favorite tunes while traditional sauna therapy and color light therapy make the worries and stress melt away into nothingness.

To check out all of these new sweet additions to Finnleo Saunas offered by Family Leisure, view Family Leisure Finnleo Saunas here. Bring home something that provides the family soothing soft heat or relaxing steam. Family Leisure offers home saunas for sale with free nationwide shipping; call us at 877-775-3478 or view all Family Leisure Saunas here.

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