Saunas On Sale! Used by ancients around the world for centuries, these therapeutic dens were typically built from traditional materials such as clay, stone or wood. Modern versions include updated technology and materials, offering infrared as a wonderful source of relief. Why own one? They provide soothing soft heat directly to the entire body, relaxing both the mind and the muscles. The heat radiates at wide angles and is evenly distributed throughout the unit. There are many benefits to using them regularly. Some of these include detoxifying the body, increasing blood flow, improving the look and feel of skin and boosting your immune system. Saunas also help relieve aches and pains and reduce stress! Our selection includes models that can accommodate just one person, to models that can seat many, in a variety of shapes and sizes. With this broad selection we promise you will find an option that will fit your space or needs. Picture your own personal two-person model sitting next to the hot tub out on the deck, or a one-person option conveniently located in the basement gym for after workouts. 
Learn everything you need to know by checking out our Suana Buyers Guide