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Hudson Bay Home Spa Vacation

There is No Need to Wait for the Next Vacation To Enjoy a Hot Tub...

We generally take one family vacation a year; rent out a house or cabin and endure, I mean, enjoy each other's company for a week or so. My son-in-law has only one requirement - wherever we stay, there has to be a spa. It doesn't matter if we are in Michigan, Florida, Minnesota or Mexico; the spa is a necessity.

Spas, in his mind, and in the minds of a lot of people, equal relaxation. The warm water, the spray of the jets, the gurgling bubbles, the rising steam; all of it says "Ahhhhhh....."
Nothing is more relaxing than a long soak in a hot tub; the warmth, the motion of the water releases all the tension and stress our bodies try to hard to hang onto.

Spas don't just provide relaxation, however. While they are well known for their hydrotherapy properties, spas can also aid in any number of other health concerns such as insomnia, headaches, and chronic pain. There's no need to wait for vacation to enjoy the benefits of a spa, however, when you can easily enjoy one right at home.

Family Leisure has been a leading retailer in spa sales for decades. And those sales don't slow down; people need to relax more and more and spas keep getting better and better. They are easier to use, easier to care for, and easier on the budget. Take Hudson Bay Spas, for example.


These Spas have been engineered for anyone who wants the luxury of an at home spa, but wants to keep a budget in mind. Many spas have to be wired by an electrician; they require a 220 volt hook-up which can run into some money. This line offers a powerful hot tub designed to provide the same benefits of a 220v spa with simple plug in convenience.

They offer the same full-sized acrylic tubs with the same comfortable seating options and the same high jet counts that used to be available only in a 220v option. Expert engineering ensures that those jets are in an ideal location for your ultimate relaxation. Hudson Bay also utilizes several types of jets. There are rotary jets in the seating areas that emit swirling streams of warm water; directional jets that can be easily manipulated to target specific problem areas; fixed jets that provide intense hydrotherapy and neck and shoulder jets located above the water line that are designed to provide a dynamic massage.

Hudson Bay offers premium lighting options as well, including multi-colored LED lights, a back-lit waterfall as well as perimeter lighting, depending on the model of spa you are considering.

Even though they offer budget-friendly models, they don't skimp on anything. They use quality materials and parts, ensuring that your purchase of a Hudson Bay Spa is a sound investment.

Consider the HB29 Plug & Play. It is constructed of heavy duty acrylic in Sterling Marble. It has multi-layered fiberglass reinforcement and standard foam insulation in a synthetic weather-friendly cabinet. This fabulous spa features neck and shoulder therapy jets and comes with 29 stainless steel jets total. It offers a backlit waterfall, 6 multi-colored perimeter lights and  underwater mood light. The plumbing is 100% anti-fungicide tubing, which allows for less chemical use while maintaining cleaner water. It comes with a locking deluxe cover. You get all the amenities with none of the sticker shock.


Hudson Bay Hot Tubs are also energy efficient and are proudly built in the USA.

While writing this it occurred to me that the reason my son-in-law insists on having a spa available during our family vacations is because it is a family vacation; he knows he won't survive without some kind of stress relief. I'll have to ask him about that and stress him out some more. And I'll send him the link to Hudson Bay Spas.

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