$3,699.99 $2,199.99
HB-13 Plug & Play
Hudson Bay Spas
$4,199.99 $2,499.99
HB-14 Plug & Play
Hudson Bay Spas
$4,199.99 $2,199.99
HB-14-O Plug & Play
Hudson Bay Spas
HB21-O Hot Tub by Hudson Bay
$4,499.99 $2,699.99
HB-21-O Plug & Play
Hudson Bay Spas
$4,999.99 $2,699.99
HB-19 Plug & Play
Hudson Bay Spas
$4,999.99 $2,999.99
HB-29 Plug & Play
Hudson Bay Spas
$4,999.99 $2,199.99
HB-14C Plug & Play
Hudson Bay Spas
$5,999.99 $3,499.99
HB-34 Plug & Play
Hudson Bay Spas

What’s the difference between Hudson Bay Spas and other full sized acrylic spas from other manufacturers? The plug, the performance & the price. Until now, hot tubs that plugged in were affordable, they just weren’t very powerful or energy efficient. Now, thanks to the advanced design of this top selling brand, you can be enjoying a massage so powerful you might ask to see the plug to believe it isn’t hard wired. Why settle for a small model with cramped seating when you can spread out  in a full sized acrylic tub without paying an electrician thousands of dollars for electrical installation. And without paying too much!

Hudson Bay is made in the USA using components from the most recognized  names in the industry, including Balboa, Lucite and Waterway. While you probably expect to pay significantly more for a product made in the USA with the best reviews and built from  the highest quality materials, surprisingly, they are among the most affordable, energy efficient, and longest lasting products available in the marketplace. Take your pick from one, 2 person or all the way up to the big six seat models. The perfect one is waiting for you.