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The Fuss about Fire Glass

Let's face it: those faux wood logs we placed in gas fireplaces weren't really fooling anyone. When it comes to gas fireplaces and fire pits, there is a new and improved kid on the block named Fire Glass. Fire Glass also goes by the names Fire Crystals, Fire Diamonds, Fireplace Glass, Fireglass and more, but the basic technology usually remains the same: fire glass is tempered glass that has been treated to withstand extreme heat so that it does not burn, deteriorate, or give off any chemicals when exposed to direct heat. They are placed in the bed of gas fireplaces, much like ceramic logs of days past, only they very effectively absorb the heat of the flames due to their reflectivity. The crystals do not burn, but they trap the heat to warm an area. It gives off a significant amount of heat, oftentimes generating 3 to 4 times greater warmth than wood or artificial logs. Fire Glass is typically energy efficient, so it also uses significantly less fuel than faux logs.

The visual appeal of fire dancing on a bed of sparkling glass is noteworthy, also. The tempered glass provides a clean, elegant presentation and eliminates dirty build-up, soot, ash or popping embers. Though it often comes in a shattered form, it also comes in rounded beads or pebbles. There is a myriad of colors to choose from, and you don't have to stop at one color. Go for a two or three-tone, you wild thing, you! The fire glass is made to last a lifetime, as it does not burn, melt or discolor, but if you get tired of one look, rotate in a new color for a change in scenery. Clear fire glass for the summer, dark fire glass for the winter…it’s up to the user. Neither color nor shape will affect the performance of the flame.

It probably doesn't take much persuasion to help you understand the value of bringing an elegant fire feature onto your premises. Your caveman-like primal pyromaniacal instincts should take it from here. And for you romantic types, there's nothing like a warm night beside the fire. I believe the late philosopher Nappy Brown said it best when he sang, “Nighttime the right time to be with the one(s) you love.” And, hey, if you yourself are the one you love, it still applies.

If you already have a gas-powered fire feature, it’s possible that you may replace your existing lava rocks or ceramic logs with fire glass. Work with a Family Leisure representative to determine whether that’s possible for you. Family Leisure also carries a range of outdoor fire pits and fire tables and more that work in conjunction with Fire Rocks to woo guests and help you to fall in love with your home all over again. 

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