Fire Glass can act as the centerpiece to any fire pit, providing a custom display of colors and materials where friends, neighbors and family members gather to warm up during cold weather, or socialize during warm weather. What is fire glass? It's bits of processed glass in magnificent colors, each offering brilliant flashes and twinkles in sunlight or when a flame is burning through. Typically poured into a liquid propane fire pit, but is often used indoors in vented gas fireplaces. We offer the widest selection and the best prices. Choose between different sizes and types, from smooth and round fire beads to reflective to Eco style, made from recycled materials for an environmentally-safe option. Combine the wonderful properties of this product into your outdoor experience! Relax as the flame flickers over shimmering flames in the color of your choice. We promise a color option that will match the exterior of your home, or the tile, brick or stucco that surrounds your area. Create a look that provides depth or color contrast by mixing black reflective with crystal white or sangria luster beads with glacier ice. The choices are nearly endless if you use your imagination!