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Let's look at the differences between residential & commercial tanning beds

P90 Commercial Tanning BedDo you own a tanning business, perhaps a tanning salon or a laundry room with tanning beds? Unlike regular residential models, commercial tanning beds are built for the special needs of businesses. For years homeowners have relied on Family Leisure to bring high-quality tanning beds to their homes; now business owners can use Family Leisure commercial tanning beds to meet their tanning needs!

What are the differences between residential tanning beds and commercial tanning beds? First, the commercial versions are built to hold larger loads and last longer through the use of high-quality materials (thicker acrylic, etc.), making them bigger and better than the residential versions.

Second, commercial tanning beds offer more extravagant designs and technology, with exterior lighting and other style accents added to awe and entice customers. For example, consider the P90 - Commercial Tanning Bed from UWE pictured right; view the P-90 Commercial Bed here.

P90 Commercial Tanning BedYou will immediately notice how the P90 Commercial Tanning Bed showcases a stunning, space-age design. Jaws will drop when customers see this brand new commercial tanning bed in your shop. The open-air canopy is unique, granting your business not only an innovative appearance, but a pleasant, non-claustrophobic tanning experience.

And while the cool appearance is enough to draw them in, the long list of technology and features loaded into this model will keep them coming back for more. It boasts cooling fans, an air conditioned lounge, aroma therapy (two different scents), MP3 port and a 12-minute remote-ready timer. The P90 is truly an impressive piece of technology, tanning bed or otherwise.

The third aspect of commercial tanning beds that separate them from their residential versions are the bulbs or lamps used. The number of lamps found in the P90 is 37 total, and this is not an exceptional number when compared to residential tanning beds. It's actually the type of lamps found in the P90 are makes this bed perfect for commercial use.

What's so special about commercial tanning bed lamps? It's the ballasts found within the lamps that make these beds different than residential versions. A commercial tanning bed offers choke ballasts in the lamps, rather than the magnetic ballasts found in traditional home tanning bed lamps.

What is a choke ballast? A choke ballast allows the lamp to be used over and over again without the danger of overheating. Home tanning beds with magnetic ballasts will overheat and fail if used for prolonged periods of time. But this cannot occur in a commercial environment, unless the owner wants to lose business with burned out tanning bed lamps. Simply put, a commercial bed can be used repeatedly without fear of the bulbs or lamps overheating.

So there's a brief rundown of the differences between home tanning beds and commercial tanning beds. Family Leisure now carries commercial tanning beds for businesses; view all Family Leisure Commercial Tanning Beds here. And Family Leisure now offers tanning beds by UWE and KBL; view Family Leisure UWE Tanning Beds here and view Family Leisure KBL Tanning Beds here. All come with free shipping and installation nationwide from Family Leisure!

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