KBL Commercial Tanning Beds - Perfect for fashionable tanning shops and salons, this line of ritzy tanning beds offers glamorous models like no other manufacturer. KBL relies on superior designs and extraordinary features in their units to stand out from the competition. First, note the cutting-edge appearance of these commercial products; special accent lighting and the race-car-inspired designs will make any customer's jaw drop in awe. We promise each KBL Tanning Bed will truly pop in any space. Second, view the special features, controls, cooling systems and other bells and whistles loaded into each model. Customers will love these special touches, such as the Dual Jet Body Misters that cool off the body with light mists while tanning or the Aroma Therapy System, which releases lovely scents and fragrances that set the mind at ease. And for the finicky customer looking to achieve the very best tan, KBL beds will provide the results they seek. Each is loaded with dozens of high-quality lamps with various types in specified locations in the canopy and lounge, with specific lamps focusing on the shoulders, face and other special areas of the body. So provide customers an unmatched experience in a fashionable setting.