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Bring the Silver Screen Home

Pass the Popcorn and Enjoy the Show with Palliser Home Theater

While a home theater used to be the purview of the rich and famous, having a home theater is pretty common these days. Due to the availability and accessibility of quality theater seating, its easy to keep up with the Joneses (and the Clooneys, the Reynolds, the Wests, the Pratts and the Beyoncés). Well, maybe not the Beyoncés.

The beauty of today's home theater seating is that you don't have to have a bonafide theater room to enjoy it; sectional style theater seating can be configured by you to fit right into a family room, a game room, or that extra room you use for storage because you don't know what else to do with it.

indianapolis home theater seating

But where to get that theater seating? Family Leisure, obviously. FL is proud to offer Palliser home theater seating, a phenomenal line of gorgeous and comfortable high-quality furniture designed and constructed by our neighbors up north.

The Palliser company has been in business since 1944, giving them nearly three quarters of a century to perfect their craft. Palliser has come a long way from their inauspicious beginnings in a chicken barn; today Palliser Furniture Upholstery utilizes plants all over North America to produce their incomparable selection of sofas, sectionals, reclining sofas, recliners, chairs, ottomans, reclining sectionals, sofa beds and, of course, theater seats.

What makes a Palliser Home Theater Seating so special? Top of the line everything, beginning with the design phase all the way to the actual construction. Palliser is happy to say that their furniture is built by North American "craftspeople" who are so proud of their work they include their signature with every completed and shipped product.

Palliser uses hardwood, softwood and engineered wood products and all joints are pinned and glued for extra strength. Premium elastic webbing provides consistent, lifelong suspension. 8-12 gauge sinuous wire springs and high resilience foam provide superior comfort. And, most importantly, Palliser is well aware that one size does not fit all so their theater seating is customizable from configuration to materials to options and add-ons.

Let's take a look at some of Palliser's collections.

The HiFi is transitional style theater seating with the appearance of a traditional recliner. The HiFi is available in either leather or fabric and comes in straight and curved options to suit your needs. It sits like a chaise lounge, with a full recline that will put any other theater seating to shame.

home theater

The Rhumba offers a different look, with a relaxed, over-stuffed design that begs you to sink in and sit back. Like the HiFi, the Rhumba is available in both leather and fabric, with six color. The Rhumba offers two, three and four seat versions, with curved and straight options.

Rhumba by Palliser

Palliser's Autobahn theater seating has a slick, sexy profile, with vertical seaming and a padded headrest. Gorgeous in red leather, the Autobahn comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste. The full recline is like relaxing in a chaise lounge, and you don't have to trek through any cinema-goo to get there.

Autobahn by Palliser

Another racy option is the Lemans. It's reminiscent of a race car, with its tapered chair back and plush seat. This chaise style seating offers you a relaxed spot to watch Fast and Furious 34.

Lemans by Palliser

Not only do you get incredible design and construction, Palliser offers really inventive and desirable options for their theater seating. Some of these are a battery pack which eliminates the need for power cords; in-arm storage where you can stash your remote, tablet or a bag of candy; LED lit cup holders; a personal flex light; sliding armrests with cup holders; a tablet holder; even a wireless bass shaker for that true theater experience.


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