Are you building a private home theater in your basement? Or maybe you have an existing media center that requires some custom seating? Offering a broad selection of theater seat styles, Palliser provides the solution for any space where guests will gather to watch television or motion pictures. These models designed to be customized, with dozens of fabric and leather colors available, multiple seat configurations and endless upgrades. Add a set of three theater seats in a straight aisle with a Grand Prix style that was copied from race car interiors, or rely on four traditional theater seats in a curved aisle accented with antique cup holders and an automatic power recline. Load your seats with special upgrades that appeal to your needs and your home's interior space, such as LED lighting under the seats, a built-in bass kicker system and even hidden trays for your popcorn or candy. Building a private home theater has never been so easy with the help of Family Leisure; due to the custom nature of these theater seats we ask that you call us for a quote and a review of all of the setups, configurations, colors, stitch options, lights, cup holders and much more!