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Do-it-yourself video on how to install a billiard table

Whether you’re going to use a professional installer or you are going to do it yourself, you ought to know the basics of pool table installation before you start. When you buy a new pool table, it will arrive at your doorstep unassembled. The sight of various wood pieces and hardware and slate and other parts scattered across your floor can be overwhelming. The Pool Table Installation Video by Family Leisure talks you through the process of installing a billiards table, from organizing the pieces to putting them together. Family Leisure tutorial videos are the best resource on the internet for learning how to purchase, install and maintain leisure products like billiards tables, game tables and more. We present our expert advice to you in ways that are easy to understand. Follow along with our professional pool installers as they put together a pool table and enjoy simple narration that will walk you through the process.

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