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How Do Sand Filtration Systems Work?

Filtration systems for home swimming pools remove contaminants from the water to leave it crystal clear. There are two basic types of filters: sand filters and element filters. Sand filtration systems are a popular form of filters for swimming pools. In this episode of Pool School by Family Leisure, Mike the Pool Guy explains the basics of sand filtration systems: why you might want one, what they look like, how they work and more. In this tutorial, you’ll see how the sand filtration system works. You’ll see an open valve to understand the inner workings of the system. Mike will also explain backwashing and how to maintain a sand system. This is the first of two videos about sand filters by Family Leisure. After watching this video from start to finish, watch the second video for a full look at the power of sand filtration.

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There are two types of filtration systems that will keep contaminants from ruining your pool water: sand filtration and element filtration. In this video, Mike the Pool Guy discusses sand filtration systems. If you have not watched the first video in the series, go back and view it, then return to this video. This video gives an in depth look at how to use your sand filter system. The valve head on a sand filter has many positions. After watching this how to video, you will know how to properly use the common positions like filter, backwash and rinse, plus the lesser used positions like closed, recirculate, winterize and waste. If you are investing in a top of the line filtration system, it’s wise to know everything about it. Family Leisure pool care experts are overjoyed to share the ins and outs of pool care with the world. Explore our extensive collection of pool maintenance tutorials today! Or if you’re looking for one-on-one help, call our hotline or stop by a store location.

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