Perma Salt System

Updates on the New & Improved version of the Perma Salt System 

This video is to update current Perma Salt customers with the changes in the New & Improved version of the Perma Salt System.


Are you looking for a natural salt system to clean your pool without harsh chemicals?

This is the first of two episodes about the revolutionary Perma Salt System. Learn all about the methods and products from Mike the Pool Guy, who teaches Family Leisure’s Pool School. The entire Pool School selection of videos is free and available for viewing. Traditional salt systems create corrosion problems, but Perma Salt does not. The Perma Salt System is the most effective and easiest swimming pool cleaning program. In the first episode of this series, Mike the Pool Guy talks about non-copper algaecide and covers the basics of the salt system. Salt will soften the water and more, and the Perma Salt will go into the skimmer to dissolve. Mike teaches you to open your pool with the Perma Salt System. If you’re having difficulty opening your pool with a natural salt system, or you’re interested in learning more about natural swimming pool care and balance, call our national hotline or stop by a store location. Our swimming pool experts are here to show you how to use natural pool care methods in your home swimming pool.

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This is the second video from the Pool School series that focuses on the Perma Salt System. If you have not viewed the first video, review it before starting this episode. Mike the Pool Guy explains how the Perma Salt System compares to other chemical and natural salt systems, plus he gives you step by step instructions to open and maintain your pool with the natural pool care methods employed by the Perma Salt System. The second video featured here will help you to understand the how and why of each component of the Perma Salt System. This video is for people who are maintaining their swimming pool water on their own and hope to understand the mechanics of each component. For the best pool care possible, it’s important to understand what each product does to your water. Mike the Pool Guy will define what products like the non-copper algaecide, aqua salt and more.

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