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Aqua Smarte Mineral System

Are you dealing with blooms of algae and growth? Phosphates are required for algae and moss to grow in your swimming pool water. In this episode of Pool School, we explain to you the natural processes that will help you to keep your swimming pool free of floating algae and other unwanted growths. Some pools are clouded and dirtied with different types of oils. Swimmers lathered in sunblock and suntan oil and other products leave behind residue and create an oil slick in your water. Eventually, it creates a heavy black line around the perimeter of the pool. This episode also explains what products and processes are best for getting rid of oil from your swimming pool. The Aqua Smarte System facilitates the processes that will help you to manage your phosphate and oil levels in your swimming pool for a clean, clear swimming season. Review this episode from start to finish to learn more about balancing your pool chemicals and cleaning your water with the best natural mineral system available.

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