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When weekends are spent weeding in the backyard, daytime is spent cleaning up one mess after another indoors, and nighttime rituals include cleaning a pool filtration system, owning a home can start to seem like more of a burden than idyllic respite from the world outside. Health Pods are therapeutic cocoons designed to make your home sweet home, well, sweet again.

The Cocoon Wellness Pod and the Cocoon Pro Wellness Pod are both shaped like eggs, and they are the size of a small tanning bed. They are ideal for installation indoors in a basement, near a home sauna or hot tub, or in a fitness room. Wellness Cocoon invites you to enter the cocoon as a tired caterpillar and emerge a refreshed butterfly.

Here’s how it works its magic:


The MyCocoon Wellness Pods are shaped like an egg. The surface where users lay is contoured to hug the form of the body, and a soft cushion pillow supports the body. Once lying down, users pull the top of the egg, much like a tanning bed. Once it is closed, the cocoon envelops the entire body, except for the face. The egg is equipped with an ambient light system that soothes the user and regenerates the body with blue and red lights.

Dry Heat

The egg is equipped with a dry heat system that delivers heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy to the entire body. Heat therapy is most commonly used for rehabilitation. Dry heat is used to increase the extensibility and look of collagen tissues, decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain, relieve muscle spasms, reduce inflammation, and it aids in healing and increasing blood flow. The dry heat feature is adjustable from ambient heat to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.


The pods are also equipped with an effective aromatherapy system that harnesses essential oils to improve mental and physical wellbeing. The pods come with four different therapeutic essential oils that each have a unique effect on the body and mind. MyCocoon delivers aromatherapy through the nasal passages, which hits the olfactory nerve and affects the brain, and also through skin absorption, which effects the entire body.


Vibrational massage is one of the most traditional forms of massage used for pain relief and wellness. The MyCocoon delivers full body vibrational massage therapy through a complex dual wave massage system. The vibrations stimulate and loosen muscles. Gentle forces stretch the muscles until they reach a point of relaxation. There is no massage therapist who can deliver a better vibrational massage than the MyCocoon system.

The Wellness Pods have five different settings that help users achieve five different results. The pod includes settings like Xpress Shape, which helps to shape the body, Xpress Cleanse, which helps the body to remove toxins, Xpress Fitness, which aids in weight loss and promotes overall health, Vital Energy, which energizes the body at the start of a long day, and Stress Free, which helps the body and mind to wind down in the evening.

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