Residential & Commercial Tanning Bed Information

Tanning bed systems are not only cherished for their ability to give a beautiful tan, but for their health benefits as well. Tanning beds can help the body produce Vitamin D during cold seasons which will prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis as well as strengthen the bones, prevent acne, help seasonal effective disorder and boost self-confidence. Home tanning bed styles include models with 14 lamps up to 36 lamps, with sit-down models, light therapy beds and stand-up tanning booths available.

Five Questions to Ask Before Shopping:
  1. Where are you planning on putting it?
  2. Are you currently using a tanning bed system?
  3. What kind of tanning bed have you used before?
  4. Do you need a commercial or residential tanning bed system?
  5. Is there anything in particular you are looking for in a tanning bed?

Commercial And Residential Systems

Commercial systems are completely different than residential systems. Commercial systems are designed for non-stop use in a salon environment, where any size client is possible. These beds use magnetic ballast which is very heavy and generates a large amount of heat. Because of this all commercial beds utilize heavy steel forconstruction. To achieve more power and faster results, commercial beds simply add more lamps to the system. Commercial beds will all have 24 or more lamps. The most popular lamps in the commercial sector are Wolff Lamps, one of the most recognized names in the tanning industry. Family Leisure recommends Wolff Lamps for a commercial salon setting. The home tanning beds require less materials and lamps. A four or five hundred pound steel bed isn't necessary because home beds can use a light-weight, low-heat electronic ballast. The big advantage the lighter weight is the tanning bed is easier to move around the home as well as staying cooler while in use when compared to commercial beds. More importantly, a home tanning bed will use more technologically and more advanced lamps to achieve a deep dark tan fast without adding more lamps to the system. View Commercial Tanning Beds here.

How Do Tanning Bed Lamps Work?

First of all, you have to understand that a tanning bed is not like a microwave. It doesn't cook you. These fluorescent lamps are just light bulbs that emit a specific type of ultraviolet light that is emitted by the sun. This light stimulates a natural biochemical reaction in the skin. A tan protects our bodies from overexposure to ultra violet light and sunburns. The visible light spectrum ranges from infrared to ultraviolet, with the sun emitting rays beyond the ultraviolet spectrum. Different types of lamps provide both visible light and ultraviolet light. Let's review the different types of light:

UVC: The most powerful ultraviolet light is called UVC. It is a very powerful and penetrating type of light. When it penetrates into the subcutaneous layers of skin, it can cause skin damage. Natural sunlight contains approximate .01% UVC, but that can vary. To be FDA approved, a tanning system can emit no UVC.

UVB: UVB is also a powerful penetrating type of ultraviolet light. It is sometimes called the “burning ray." However, your body has a natural defense mechanism against UVB. In your skin, you have specialized cells called melanocytes. When exposed to UVB, these pigment cells absorb the light. As the light is absorbed, it stimulates these cells to emit a substance called melanin. This melanin is a clear oily substance that seeps to the surface of the skin. Once at the surface of the skin, this melanin helps block the UVB light, and keeps it from penetrating as well. That's why, at the beginning of summer, you can get sunburn by working outside for just a half an hour, and by the end of the summer you can stay out all day. A lot of melanin has moved to the surface of your skin to protect it.

UVA: UVA light is at the weakest end of the UV spectrum. UVA is not a penetrating type of light. However, it does cause a chemical reaction in the melanin which completes the UV protection. When melanin is exposed to UVA it oxidizes. When melanin oxidizes it turns brown. So, what we see as a tan is really melanin on the surface of the skin that has been oxidized by UVA.

UVA versus UVB Light: Your body needs both UVB to stimulate melanin production, and UVA to turn it brown. It is the amount of UVA and UVB light that a lamp produces that determines the strength of a tanning bed lamp. Most tanning bed bulbs produce more UVA rays than UVB rays. View replacement tanning bed bulbs here.

FDA Regulation

The FDA regulates tanning beds for sale. Tanning is a natural biochemical process that actually helps to protect our bodies from harmful amounts of UV light. The FDA simply wants to make sure the tanning process doesn't cause problems it is designed to prevent.

The FDA regulates the tanning industry with the strictness and aggressiveness that it uses in the regular drug industry. Thus, every lamp on the market is independently tested by the FDA. What do they test for? Each tanning bed lamp is tested to determine a eurythmic dosage. The FDA equates a dosage to an exposure time.

What is a eurythmic dosage? It's the amount of time it takes the lamp to produce a slight pink coloration of the skin. Remember the FDA is regulating this to prevent overexposure and damage to the skin. Overexposure to ultraviolet light will cause sunburn, which could cause damage to the skin, and damage to the skin can cause skin cancer. The FDA approves each lamp with a prescribed dosage amount, meaning a time limit of exposure.

So the FDA determines time limits for each lamp, and they have very strict guidelines that say the bed timer must be within 10% of the lamp time rating. If a manufacturer produces a lamp that differs from these guidelines they will face tough penalties including fines and jail time. You will notice tanning bed bulbs use different bulb lengths and pin configurations to prevent people from exchanging weak lamps for stronger ones in a system.

The FDA & Adding More Lamps

The FDA rates the power and the recommended time length by looking at the spectrographic analysis of a single lamp's output. No consideration of the amount of lamps the bed has, or how the power is delivered is involved. If you have a 16 lamp bed using 100 watt bulbs, you are delivering 1,600 watts of power at that lamp's timed rating. If you add eight lamps to the 16 lamp system you now have 24 lamps at 100 watts of power. Now it is delivering 2,400 watts of power. That's 50% more power at the same lamp rating.

The problem with adding more lamps to a normal system is that it changes the power requirements. Most 24 lamp systems are 220 volt, which means an electrician has to run a 220 volt line to the bed. A 110 volt bed can be moved easily around the home without the help of an electrician. You can't easily move around a 220 volt system.

On top of that, most 220 volt beds need "buck booster" to control the voltage. These must also be installed by an electrician and they cost more than $100. To avoid these 220 volt issues some manufacturers have produced a 24 lamp bed that is 110 volts by lowering the lamps to 80 watts. This accomplishes lighting up to 24 lamps on 110 volt, but the actual power is more than 20% less than it should be. While 24 lamps light up, this tanning bed is only slightly more powerful than a typical 16 lamp system.

22 Select

How Can You Increase The Tanning Bed Power?

The best way to increase the power is to change the way the power is delivered. Imagine a round tanning bed light bulb. Half of the light produced is not aimed at the tanning surface. This light is basically wasted, since ultraviolet light loses power very quickly. Tanning beds offer reflectors to help negate this loss, but they are extremely ineffective. By traveling more than three inches the light is now at 1/9th of its original power!

The tanning industry solved this reflection problem by creating RUVA lamps. They work utilizing the same principle as spotlights. RUVA lamps have built-in reflectors that focus all of the power to the tanning surface. None of the light is wasted like a normal lamp. A reflected lamp (RUVA) delivers 50% more power than a regular lamp!

Tanning Bed Electrical Requirements

Have you recently purchased a tanning bed from an individual or private party and are unsure about the electrical requirements? Or maybe you are researching tanning beds for purchase and are curious about everything that goes into owning one? Regardless of the answer, pre-installation planning with a tanning bed is recommended to ensure you have the necessary electrical wiring to support it.

Before you begin to purchase, place or assemble your new tanning bed, read more about Tanning Bed Electrical Requirements here.

Tanning Bed Safety

Tanning is a natural biochemical process that actually helps protect our skin from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. Indoor tanning is a controlled environment and therefore much better than lying out in the sun.

The UV output of the sun changes depending on the time of year, the latitude, the ozone layer, sunspot activity, and other factors. Indoor tanning offers a controlled process, allowing you to receive all of the healthy benefits of the sun without the harmful side effects. Understanding how the tanning systems works also explains some safety aspects.

Your body can only produce a certain amount of melanin in a 24 hour period. Your body has a natural genetic limit. There is no use in overexposing yourself to try to speed up the tanning process - this will not speed up tanning. This type of action will simply increase the burning, and that is harmful. For this reason it's crucial that an owner follows the time prescriptions on the tanning bed.

Tanning naturally dries the skin and as your body produces melanin, it's robbing your skin of some moisture. It's recommended you always use a moisturizing cream after tanning, whether you are tanning indoors or outside. This does not have to be a tanning specific moisturizing lotion. Your regular moisturizing cream is fine, but be sure to always re-hydrate your skin after tanning.

Therapy Tanning Beds & Red Light Therapy

As our bodies age they naturally begin to loose certain proteins in the layers of our skin. Past skin damage like severe sunburns or prolonged exposure to UV light, without re-hydration, accelerates this process.

The most important protein that our body has (and is quite difficult to produce as we get older) is collagen. As we lose collagen, our skin will lose elasticity and tautness. The result is our skin begins to sag a little, and we develop fine line wrinkles. The Tell Tale signs of aging! The cosmetics industry over the last few years has exploded with new anti-aging products since this collagen was understood. These cosmetics tend to use bovine collagen. That is collagen derived from cows.

You wipe the cream on and your skin absorbs the collagen. But what happens when your body encounters any foreign substance, especially in the skin? It flushes it out! So, you have to constantly be replenishing this bovine collagen as your body flushes it out.

The tanning bed industry offers a solution to this problem in Visible Red Light Therapy. Some dermatologists call this Laser Light Therapy. NASA discovered that when your body is exposed to certain types of light, some natural biochemical processes take place. At 633 nanometers, in the visible light spectrum, when your body is exposed to intense visible red light, your body begins to produce collagen!

This is natural collagen, not wiping on a foreign substance taken from cows. In other words: your body is creating collagen, which makes your skin more elastic and taut, while fine line and wrinkles begin to diminish, reversing the signs of aging!

Using Red Light Therapy Lamps in just 15 minutes a day will stimulate natural collagen in the skin. Because it is visible light, not ultraviolet light, there is no limit to how much or how long you can use them. They can't hurt you. You don't even have to use goggles.

Dermatologists indicate it takes 30-45 days for your skin to regenerate. In a Red Light Therapy bed you will see very gradual results in the first 30-45 days. After this time period the results are remarkable. You can actually expect as much as a 25% reduction in fine line wrinkles after the first 45 days! You will begin to look younger and your skin will look healthier naturally, not with expensive creams and oils. View Light Therapy Tanning Beds here.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D & Tanning Beds

Another Biochemical reaction that is stimulated by sunlight that doctors have only recently begun to understand is the absorption of Vitamin D. It has long been known that an adequate amount of Vitamin D helps our bodies to fight 14 different types of cancer, improves the immune system, and helps reverse, eliminate and prevent the effects of osteoporosis.

The problem is that there are only four ways to get Vitamin D: cold water fish, like salmon and cod, dairy products, like milk and cheese, Vitamin D supplements and natural exposure to sunlight. Did you know your body naturally absorbs Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight? Doctors tell us that in approximately 20 minutes a day your body will absorb the minimum daily requirement.

Because dermatologists have been telling us to stay out of the sun, we have two whole generations that are Vitamin D deficient. Cancer rates are rising, osteoporosis is increasing, and we even have cases of rickets and scurvy here in the United States!

Dermatologists have told us to stay out of the sun because they know that severe sunburn can damage the skin, and damaged skin is more likely to develop skin cancer. Did they initially swing the pendulum too far? Yes! Our bodies need some exposure to sunlight to be healthy!

This issue was discussed by Dr. Mehmet Oz on his television program with guest Dr. Joe Mercola. View the interview between Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola regarding Vitamin D and tanning beds here.


Vitamin D & Seasonal Adjusted Disorder

It should also be mentioned that the mental disorder referred to as Seasonal Adjusted Disorder (SAD) has been directly linked to the deficiency of Vitamin D. In most of North America, during the winter, there is no way to actually get the necessary amount of Vitamin D that your body needs because of the distance and angle of the sun in relationship to the Earth. The only way to get the right amount, except orally through dairy products, fish or supplements, would be from a tanning bed system.

Absorption of Vitamin D occurs in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum at 312 nanometers. Unfortunately, this is also the part of the spectrum that can cause sunburns. The balancing act for doctors is to get us enough exposure for Vitamin D but without getting harmful sunburn! The only way to do that is in a controlled environment, like a tanning bed, with lamps that are specifically designed for this purpose.


Advantage Lamps by ESB Enterprises

Advantage Lamps by ESB Enterprises are designed to produce just enough power to stimulate Vitamin D absorption while also minimizing the chance of damaging sunburn. The owner of ESB specifically developed this lamp to create Vitamin D to fight the effects of osteoporosis.

His 89 year old mother-in-law was debilitated by osteoporosis. Sparked by recent research, the owner of ESB developed this lamp to help her. After four months of 15 minute treatments per day his mother-in-law regained 20% of her lost bone mass! She was able to walk again and stand up straight!

These special ESB systems are not your typical tanning beds for sale. They are tanning and bronzing beds. Most tanning systems start by slightly burning the skin with UVB. Notice how little UVB there is in an ESB system.

We have all seen those people with leathery looking skin from too much sunlight exposure. That is called photo aging, and it is caused by not re-hydrating the skin after exposure to sunlight and over exposure to UVA light. Note how the Advantage Lamps offer no UVA. The result is that a tanning bed with these lamps will offer a deeper, more natural tan without any of the negative side effects! It is a little slower, but the process is much safer and more natural!

Grande 20

Face & Arm Enhancers

If you search through modern tanning beds you will discover many beds offer pink lamps. What are these special lamps? They deal with the two most difficult parts of the body to tan: the face and the arms.

All year long the face and arms are exposed to some sunlight so they always have some melanin on the surface. Your arms are also the farthest away from the lamps when you are in the bed. What two areas do you most want to tan? The parts people see most, your face and arms!

These pink lamps up the UVA output, taking advantage of the fact that there is already some melanin on the surface of your skin that can be oxidized. These lamps deliver more power (by as much as 10%) at the areas that you need it most, your face and arms.

Facial Swirl Technology

Notice those swirls in the lamps? That is the exclusive facial swirl technology. By putting those swirls in the lamp at the face area, the direct light of the light is bent.

Two things happen when you bend the path of light. First, the speed, and therefore the force of the photons, is accelerated. This makes the UVA light penetrate deeper for a darker tan on your face. More importantly, it creates a random light pattern. Because the face is a very uneven surface, it is very difficult to get an even tan and this random light pattern helps the face achieve a very even tan.

Digital Timers & Mechanical Timers

Digital timers are more accurate than mechanical timers. Some digital timers will keep track of the hours of usage on a tanning bed. Mechanical timers can't track the hours. More importantly, the digital timer can't stick like a mechanical timer.

Mechanical timers are notorious for sticking, and in a tanning bed that is a serious problem. Keep in mind that when people are in a tanning bed the white noise and warmth sometimes makes them fall asleep. If the timer doesn't go off, you could get serious sunburn.

With a digital timer there are no mechanical parts to stick, so that can't happen. Some tanning bed models, such as the ESB tanning beds, offer back-up redundant timers should anything ever go wrong with the primary timer. In addition, these redundant digital timers will not allow the tanners to reset the bed immediately after a tanning session, to keep someone from over exposing themselves.

Oasis 36

Top & Bottom Transparent Acrylic Shells

Did you know the acrylic shells are the most expensive parts of a tanning bed? The top and bottom acrylics cost more, from a manufacturer's stand point, than even the lamps. They are also the most expensive parts to replace. Unfortunately, because most consumers don't ask the manufacturers or dealers about the quality of the acrylic, it is an easy area for a manufacturer to cut corners by lowering the quality and cost.

First, the acrylic must be thick enough to support the weight of the tanner, and of a quality that the intensity of the UV light doesn't cause the polymers to dry and become brittle. Many commercial beds will offer cracked acrylic shells, either at stress points in the center or at the corners. This damage can happen when the acrylic is too thin or is not of a high enough quality.

More importantly though, is the acrylic's transparency. If the acrylic is not 100% transparent acrylic it will reflect some of the light. There is a substantial difference in cost between acrylic that's100% transparent and other levels. So even if the manufacturer uses the best lamps in the world, if the acrylic is not 100% transparent, some of the power is reflected away and wasted.

ESB tanning beds offer transparent acrylic with no reflections. None of the tanning power is reflected and wasted. What's more ESB uses the thickest, highest quality acrylic in the industry and offers a full one-year warranty on their acrylic shells.

Tanning Bed Shocks

The shocks on the side of the bed are also an expensive component that most people don't think about. Have you ever been in a commercial bed where the shocks are broken and the bed closes down on you? It's a little scary! The shocks are supposed to be able to hold the canopy a little away from your body no matter your body type.

Most shocks work when they are new, but over time the gases in the shock escape, and it loses strength. Most tanning bed shocks are really the same shocks that car manufacturers use on their hatch-back cars. They don't last very long.

ESB offers a Cam-Loc Adjustable Shock that was designed for tanning beds. The “Cam-Loc" mechanism will stop and hold at any position. It does not use compressed gases and is adjustable. If the shock loses its fixed position the owner can simply turn the brass end to adjust the tension. No other bed manufacturer uses the cam-loc adjustable shock.

Avalon 24 Tanning Bed by ESBTanning Beds by ESB Enterprises:

Elite 16F by ESB Enterprises

The Elite 16F is equipped with twenty-minute Sunergy tanning lamps, each with built-in reflectors that add 50% more tanning power. This feature is NOT offered in any other Home tanning system and NOT found in most commercial tanning systems. It features 16 lamps, three turbo fans and a 20-minute timer system. The Sunergy Lamps have two levels of tanning for the face and body areas. This bed requires 120 volts. View the Elite 16F.

Grande 16 by ESB Enterprises

This bed uses the same lamps and timer system as the Avalon 24 but instead of 24 lamps it offers just 16 lamps. It features fully-reflected lamps, a duo phosphor face and arm enhancement, and the facial swirl technology. This 110V bed has the same or more power than a 24 lamp commercial bed. Like all ESB beds it offers robust warrantees. View the Grande 16.

Grande 20 by ESB Enterprises

One of the bestselling home tanning systems in the United States, the Grande 20 offers features and options desired by customers. This bed is equipped with twenty-minute Sunergy tanning lamps that are controlled by a LED electronic timer that tracks the overall tanning hours. All Sunergy lamps have a built-in reflectors adding up to 50% more tanning power that is NOT offered in any other home tanning bed or most commercial salon tanning systems. Like other ESB models this bed features the Dual-Power (Pink & Blue) Sunergy Lamps that have two levels of tanning. With 20 lamps, four turbo fans and 20-minute timer, this system requires 120V to operate. View the Grande 20.

Avalon 24 by ESB Enterprises

An innovative tanning bed that offers true power, the Avalon 24 by ESB adds more lamps to better deliver the power. The only full strength 24 lamp bed on the market that is still 110V, homeowners can avoid an electrician during installation. The lamps are full 100 watt lamps fired by full 100 watt ballasts. By using innovative new electronic ballast, and a rapid-fire start, this bed is able to operate 24, 100 watt lamps at full power, and work on a 20 amp 110V outlet. In addition to no electrician there will be no buck booster costs, and 50% more power than a standard 16 lamp system due to the built-in reflector lamps. View the Avalon 24.

Radiance 26 Trio by ESB Enterprises

With the unique Advantage PWR III Lamp technology, the Radiance 26 Trio offers an incomparable bronzing experience in only 15 minutes. These Advantage PWR III Lamps generate a balanced blend of UV rays while minimizing the photo-aging (wrinkling) and UV reddening often caused by over-exposure to most tanning lamps or direct sunlight. This 70% increase in bronzing power over the average tanning lamps comes from the built-in lamp reflectors. With additional facial bronzing power, 1,200 hours of bronzing and an estimated 30 years lamp life this bed is an economic choice. In addition, this bed features the ESB Renew System designed to assist the body's natural process of stimulating collagen production, helping to improve facial skin tone, smooth fine wrinkles and minimize blemishes. View the Radiance 26 Trio.

Radiance 20 RVL Collagen Bed by ESB Enterprises

It's important to note the lamps used in this model produce no UV tanning rays. If you wish for a dark tan this bed in not for you. This model is considered a Therapy Bed, offering full-body anti-aging benefits and skin-healing properties. The 20 collagen lamps utilize red visible light designed to increase your body's production of elastin, collagen and other skin-related proteins that decrease in our bodies as we age. Turn back the clock, heal blemishes and reduce the wrinkles and lines that come with age. Collagen lamps that produce visible red light have proved to be extremely popular. This bed requires 120 volts to operate and features a 15-minute digital timer. View the Radiance 20 RVL Collagen Bed.

Radiance 32 by ESB Enterprises

Similar to other ESB models, the Radiance 32 features Advantage PWR III Bronzing Reflector Lamps designed to address specific areas of the body. There are 32 overall lamps, with 16 Advantage PWR III Bronzing Reflector Face and Body Lamps and 16 Advantage PWR III Bronzing Reflector Body Lamps. The built-in reflectors will add 50%-70% of bronzing power, while the 15 Minute Digital Timer will prevent overexposure. This bed requires 120 volts to operate. View the Radiance 32.

Avalon 28 by ESB Enterprises

With a total of 28 twenty-minute Sunergy tanning lamps, the Avalon 28 is a great choice if you want to focus on specific areas of the body. This model features eight Sunergy Swirl Facial Reflector Lamps, 10 Sunergy Swirl Arm Reflector Lamps and 10 Sunergy" Select Body Reflector Lamps. Each area of your body receives dedicated power for a great tanning experience. This bed requires a 120 volt hookup to power the lamps, five turbo fans and the 17 minute digital timer system. View the Avalon 28.

Oasis 36 by ESB Enterprises

This Oasis stand-up model offers a 10 minute timer system but is so powerful that the first few sessions shouldn't be longer than two or three minutes. Most people will never exceed seven to eight minutes. These lamps are rated by the FDA as 10 minute lamps and they are fully reflected as well. This 24 lamp stand-up has the same power as a 36 lamp accelerator system used at a commercial salon. View the Oasis 36.

22 Select Tanning Bed by Leisure SelectTanning Beds by Leisure Select:

14 Select by Leisure Select

With 14 total Solara lamps, the 14 Select is a great choice for homeowners wishing for a light tanning experience. It offers a manual 20-minute timer and requires a 120 volt dedicated power supply. At 76" in length and a width of 32", this model will fit into virtually any indoor space. View the 14 Select.

18 Select by Leisure Select

Obtain a great tanning experience with the 18 Select Tanning Bed from Leisure Select. This model offers 800 hour lamps which translate to 16 years of three 20 minute tanning sessions per week. The 18 Apollo 6.0 High Output lamps are controlled by a 20 minute timer and require a 120 volt / 15 amp dedicated power supply. It offers a great warranty, with the frame covered for five years and the electronic components covered for one year. View the 18 Select.

22 Select by Leisure Select

If you wish to improve your tanning experience beyond the 18 Select Tanning Bed, try this model from Leisure Select. Like the 18, this model offers 800 hour lamps (16 years of three 20 minute tanning sessions per week), Apollo 6.0 High Output lamps and a 20-minute timer, but offers more power with 22 lamps. It requires a 120 volt / 15 amp dedicated power supply and offers enhanced warranties better than the 18: lifetime on the frame and one year on the electronic components. View the 22 Select.

Sun Pro Canopy LampTanning Beds by Family Leisure:

Family Leisure offers several different tanning bed models for residential use. The Essence (view the Essence Tanning Bed) and Utopia (view the Utopia Tanning Bed) feature 24 100W R-UVA lamps in each bed, while the Bermuda Stand-Up Unit (view the Bermuda) showcases 36 75" 110W R-UVA H.O. lamps in a walk-in atmosphere. But the stand-out item with Family Leisure tanning beds is the Sun Pro Canopy Lamp (view the Sun Pro Canopy). This portable item is quite convenient, with 12 100W 71" UVA lamps placed on a mobile unit with a swivel frame. View all Tanning Beds by Family Leisure here.

P-90 Commercial Tanning BedCommercial Tanning Beds by UWE:

Built for upscale tanning salons, UWE tanning beds offer a tanning experience like no other. Since these are commercial tanning beds, it's essential to draw customers into each bed. With this in mind, UWE showcases spaceship-inspired designs and accent lighting that will marvel customers, enticing them to enter the bed. Following this theme of capturing customers, UWE beds also focus on creating a relaxing experience, with Dual Jet Body Misters, amplified surround sound speaker systems, Aroma Therapy Systems, high-pressure shoulder lamps, customizable body lamps, facial lamps and so much more. Since each unit, from stand-up units to regular bed units, offers various features and advantages, it's essential to browse their full selection. View Tanning Beds by UWE here.

Alpha 7900 Tanning Bed by KBLCommercial Tanning Beds by KBL:

Similar to UWE in aim and execution, KBL showcases ritzy tanning beds with glamorous looks and incredible features. Each bed offers a cutting-edge appearance with special exterior accent lighting and race-car-inspired designs that will make any customer's jaw drop in awe. And the special features, controls, cooling systems and other bells and whistles loaded into each model will ensure customers return for more tanning sessions. Every KBL unit offers various features and technology such as Dual Jet Body Misters, Aroma Therapy Systems, sound systems and much more. And for the finicky customer looking to achieve the very best tan, KBL beds will provide the results they seek. Each is loaded with dozens of high-quality lamps with various types in specified locations in the canopy and lounge. View Tanning Beds by KBL here.

Solar StormResidential & Commercial Tanning Beds by Solar Storm:

Luxurious tanning beds at a price point everyone can enjoy! Solar Storm Tanning Beds produces both residential and commercial tanning beds, each (except one Collagen building red-light therapy bed) loaded with high-output Wolff Lamps. The selection offered by this manufacturer is large, with 24 lamp units up to a 48 lamp stand-up unit. Many of the Solar Storm Tanning Beds combine these effective Wolff tanning lamps with futuristic SunFusion face and arm lamps. These lamps are designed specifically to address the wrinkles and contours of the face and arms, providing even and natural looking tanning results. The idea behind these beds is to provide not only a healthy tan for the body, but a relaxing experience, so the mind feels as if it just returned from a relaxing Caribbean vacation. With this in mind, Solar Storm provides great innovation and features, such as extra length and width for a comfortable experience, multiple shell colors, free upgrades, built-in MP3 Audio systems and great warranties. And be sure to view their Solar Storm 16RS Therapy Bed, which provides collagen-building red-light lamps pictured above right as an example (view the Solar Storm 16Rs here). View Tanning Beds by Solar Storm here.

Solar Wave - 16RETanning Beds by Solar Wave:

The sister company of Solar Storm, Solar Wave Tanning Beds offer the same luxurious tanning experience, yet at a lower price point. Absent are the decorative skirts found on Solar Storm units, but the lamps and tanning results are truly comparable. Solar Wave Tanning Beds utilize the same Wolff high-output lamps in their units, providing tanning results that are equal to the more costly beds. The selection is limited when compared to other manufacturers, but they do provide everything a homeowner could want in a tanning bed. They even offer a 16 lamp unit (pictured above right as an example) that combines the standard Wolff bronzing lamps with targeted SunFusion face and arm lamps. These special lamps will evenly tan the wrinkles and natural contours of these "trouble" areas. And each lamp holds energy-saving Fulham electronic ballasts, which use 40% less energy than the typical tanning bed lamp. So we promise these beds will save money over the long run! View Solar Wave Tanning Beds here.

Family Leisure offers tanning beds for sale both online and in any of our location superstores! Choose between various sizes and models, from simple 14-bulb beds to stand-up tanning booths! Each tanning bed offers cool features such as digital timers, special face and arm bulbs, reflector lamps and much more! Browse our selection of home tanning beds for sale and discover which model offers the best features for your needs! Are you a small business owner or tanning salon manager? Provide your clients the very best tanning beds with Family Leisure Commercial Tanning Beds! They offer space-age looks, beautiful accent lighting and the very best results; view commercial tanning beds here!

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