Offer your swimmers clean and clear pool water they will love.

Pool maintenance is more than skimming leaves from the water's surface. With the right tools and supplies, keeping your home pool in top-notch condition is easy.

Pool chemical basics

Pools need to maintain a certain chemical balance to stay clean. When the pool is not treated, harmful bacteria may be present. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), adding chemicals such as chlorine to the pool can remove bacteria. However, the amount of chlorine added needs to be in balance with the pool's pH level. When the pH level rises, chlorine's ability to kill germs weakens. Pool water with a chemical imbalance can turn cloudy, becoming an irritant to swimmers' eyes and skin.

Opening day chemicals

After a pool sits for winter or a long stretch of time, it needs to be re-opened for the season. Opening treatments will eliminate any harmful pathogens that may be lurking in the water. Family Leisure has several options to prepare your pool for a new season of water recreation. We offer value packs in addition to both granular and tablet chlorine packages. Chemical Value Packs can be more budget-friendly and containing slow-dissolving chlorine tabs, Blast (pool shock treatment), black algaecide and chlorine test strips. Also available are spring kits and Perma Salt packages.

Pool chemical basics

When it's time to close the pool for the season, it will need to be treated specially. Swim Clear's Winter Pool Combo Kit contains two parts: a winter chemical kit and a winter pill clarifier. The chemical kit has a chlorine-free pool shock treatment, an algaecide, and a stain and scale agent. The winter pill clarifier (pictured left) will help eliminate organic material buildup during the winter months and can help reduce pool liner stains.

Chemical treatments during pool season 

Throughout the pool season, the water's pH levels can vary. Natural oils from swimmers' bodies can affect pH as can debris that falls into the water. Keeping the chemical balance is essential for a healthy pool environment. Family Leisure has all your chemical needs from alkalinity increaser to pH reducer and chlorine conditioner to help extend the life of your chlorine, saving you money. What other chemicals will you need? Consider the non-toxic Bioclean spray to clean organic material from liners, water lines, pool toys and floats. Natural Chemistry's Metal Free can help prevent stains and/or discolorations from hard metals found in your water without disrupting the water's chemical balance.

The importance of a good filter

The typical swimming pool uses a filter to clean dirt and bacteria from the water. Because filters come in various types and sizes, it's important to determine which filter is best for your pool. Your pool may use one of three types of filters; sand filters, DE (diatomaceous earth) filters or cartridge filters. Family Leisure offers various filter systems and supplies. These range from a 12" pool sand filter to a 26" pool sand filter (pictured left) as well as a 200 square foot pool cartridge filter.

If you're not sure what size filter cartridge you may need, you can search for sizes using the part number, manufacturer name or by measurement. Measure the length from end cap to end cap and the diameter from across the width of the cartridge.

What other pool equipment is needed?

An important component is the pool pump, which pulls water through one port such as a strainer and then pushes it through the filter. If the pool has a heater, it pumps the water through there as well. A pool heater may extend the amount of time you have to enjoy your pool. With a heater there is no more waiting for the sun to warm the water for a swim -- you can enjoy early morning or evening dips. Don't forget the pool chlorinators and other maintenance equipment such as:

  • Leaf nets
  • Pool brushes
  • Leaf skimmers
  • Vacuum hoses
  • Skimmer baskets and strainers
  • Pool vacuum with different size/shaped heads
Covering and lining the pool 

A good solar pool cover can reduce water evaporation by about 90 percent, significantly reducing heat loss. The solar cover is perfect to use throughout the season when the pool is not in use. Family Leisure offers solar covers in several sizes, made from quality materials. A winter cover is a must-have to protect the pool during the off-season from debris and the elements. Choose a durable pool liner like the Gorilla Pad to protect from tears and leaks.

Pool accessories reminds homeowners a four-foot or taller fence around the pool with self-closing, self-latching gates is essential for safety. In addition, Family Leisure's fence kit can help keep toys and other items from bouncing out of the pool during play. Don't forget other must-have accessories such as:

  • Sure-grip ladders & steps
  • Toys, floats & other inflatables
  • Pool fountains & lights for aesthetics
  • Swimming accessories such as goggles, masks & snorkels

Pool maintenance is easy with Family Leisure Pool Supplies. Offer your swimmers clean and clear pool water they will love. Family Leisure has been in the swimming pool industry since 1969; you can rely on our expertise to build a backyard oasis or maintain your existing pool with the right tools and supplies. We carry the best brands, pool chemicals, swimming pool equipment, pool covers, pool liners and pool accessories available.



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