Which electric fireplace is right for you?

There’s somewhere that many of us go in our minds when we thing of cozy holidays, nestled up with those we love: we go to the fireplace. When we think of a romantic evening at home, we imagine dancing flames and heat coming from the fireplace. Not every home is a forever home, and not every forever home is equipped to house a traditional fireplace. For transitional housing situations like dorm rooms or temporary apartments, and for homes that do not feature a fireplace, an easy-to-install electric fireplace is a perfect way to create the ambiance and comfort that we long for in our ideal home sweet home.

Family Leisure has a large selection of electric fireplaces. They are easy to install and run, as they are compatible with standard electrical outlets. They are also easy to manage, as they require very little electricity to heat and illuminate a space. And, they come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate your unique interior design vision. So, you’re considering an electric fireplace. Which style is right for you?


The freestanding mantle style electric fireplace creates the traditional open-fire ambiance, and creates the traditional mantle space for draping seasonal decorations and family photos. The surfaces of the Dimplex line of mantle electric fireplaces remain cool to the touch so that you may decorate the mantle as much as you want. The mantles by Dimplex come in two different styles: straight edge ones that fit right against a straight wall, and corner pieces that save space by sliding into the corner of a room. The mantle style is ideal for those who are looking for a traditional fireplace feel, and have the space to house it.

flat mantel electric fireplace

Media Console

Electric fireplace media consoles are one-part furniture and one-part fireplace. Some are futuristic and feature asymmetrical designs, while others are more traditional, featuring a cabinet space for a television, and a lower space that houses a fireplace. The media console style is ideal for people who are hoping for a traditional fireplace feel, but do not have the space to house both an entertainment center and a fireplace in their living room.

Howden by Dimplex

Wall Mount

The wall mount fireplace is the most forward thinking of the styles. It is attached to the wall like a fine painting. This style brings attention to the fireplace, especially if it is one of the decorative or larger wall mount versions. This style saves the most space. The wall mount style is ideal for cramped apartments and elegant dining rooms.

wall mount fireplace

Book Case

The book case style of electric fireplaces features several levels of shelves for books or decorations, and one level houses the electric fireplace. This style delivers the heat and visual appeal of a fireplace, but does not place the fireplace front-and-center in the room. It is a less traditional presentation of a fireplace.
Mimico by Dimplex

Stove Heaters

For those who are most interested in the heating component of fireplaces, Dimplex has an ideal solution. Dimplex carries different sizes of freestanding stove heaters, which are small, portable boxes that give off huge amounts of heat. The heaters are safe for use in an RV and other small spaces, all the way up to huge rooms.

Cube by Dimplex

Fireplace Inserts

If your wood burning or gas fireplace is currently out of commission, yet you wish to provide warmth and a place to gather during cold weather, electric fireplace inserts provide an easy, efficient and economical solution. Simply place the insert into an empty fireplace, plug it into a standard wall outlet, turn on and relax to a safe and realistic flame!

30" Self-Trimming Electric Firebox by Dimplex

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