Playboy tanning lotions ship free from Family Leisure. Playboy is a global lifestyle brand that denotes luxury and beauty, and their signature name brand lotions make the best in skin luxury and beauty available to everyone. The Playboy Sun Care Collection was developed by the company Performance Brands, Inc. Performance brands is the maker of the world’s best skin and tanning lotion brands since 1987. You don’t have to pack up and ship out to the Playboy Mansion in a sexy bunny costume to be treated like one of Hugh Hefner’s goddesses. Find the perfect product that meets your needs and you’re on your way to 5-star treatment. Family Leisure carries options that range from self tanning lotion that bronzes you sunlessly, to tanning bronzers that intensify your tanning sessions to tingle lotions that take your tan to a whole new dimension of dark to daily moisturizers that keep your skin silky smooth and healthy.