Eco Glass on Sale at Family Leisure! Are you a responsible homeowner who looks to "go green" at any opportunity? If so, consider this as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the typical fire pit filler, with rounded beads recycled from post-industrial products. Glass that would have been shipped to the landfill will provide a beautiful centerpiece to your outdoor room, filling the propane fire pit with excellent sparkles and brilliant twinkles. Imagine your fire pit filled with beads of your favorite team's colors, or picture fire glass that matches the color in your tile, brick or patio furniture cushions found in the outdoor living area. The color choices include Crystal Red, Jade Green and Jet Black, amongst many others. We guarantee you will find the perfect color. Combine colors, such as Sapphire Blue and Crystal White, to create depth or a peppered look in the fire pit. Each bead of Eco Glass will maintain its brilliant color while withstanding temperatures of more than 1,300 degrees. So decrease your carbon footprint with Leisure Select!