Super Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit 3609G by Fire Magic Grills
product #8335

Super Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit 3609G

by Fire Magic Grills
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A Durable Rotisserie Kit for the Grill Island

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Product Details

Super Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit 3609G by Fire Magic

If you have a Fire Magic Aurora A660 or A540 Series Gas Grill, do yourself a favor and add the Super Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit to your grilling system. You will love the variety of cooking this kit will add to your outdoor entertaining repertoire; leg of lamb, anyone? How about a rotisserie turkey? The Super Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit comes with everything you need and can support up to 60 pounds.


  • Motor
  • Hex Spit Rod
  • Two 4-Prong Meat Holders
  • Counter Balance
  • Brackets
  • Made in the USA


  • Part # 3609G
  • 14 LBS


Fire Magic Grills
Accessories / Components:
Rotisserie ComponentsAll Grill Components

Model # 3609G

Holders Two 4-Prong

Weight 14 Lbs.

Brackets Yes

Spit Rod Hex

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