Stainless Steel Bottle Opener & Catch by Bull Grills
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Stainless Steel Bottle Opener & Catch

by Bull Grills
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Stainless Steel Bottle Opener & Removable Catch Mounts Anywhere

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The Stainless Steel Bottle Opener & Catch by Bull Grills

Add the Stainless Steel Bottle Opener and Catch to the nearest wall. Scratch that, mount it to every wall in your home. When you need to open bottles in a jiff, it's easier than scouring for a bottle opener, and a little better of an idea than using your teeth. Bottletops fall into the removable catch, so you don't have to clean up after yourself until you're good and ready. for an easy way to open those cold ones on hot summer days.


  • Mountable
  • Stainless Steel
  • Removable Bottletop Catch
  • Width - 6" / Height - 10"


Bull Grills
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Model # 66006

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