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Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator by King Technology
product #6607

Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator

by King Technology
king technology
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Swimming Pool Water Maintenance Is Easy With the Aqua Smarte Plus System

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Product Details

Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator by King Technology


  • One (1) Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator


The Mineral Activator offers an EPA-approved formula of minerals that will kill bacteria and neutralize your pool water, keeping the pH balance safe for swimmers. The Mineral Activator is a crucial part of the Aqua Smarte Plus System (read below for a full description) for maintaining swimming pool water and fits neatly into the Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station. The Docking Station automatically controls the flow of pool water to the other parts of the Aqua Smarte Plus System such as the Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator and the Aqua Smarte Plus MizerMax Pac.

The Aqua Smarte Plus System:

The entire Aqua Smarte Plus System operates automatically while reducing bacteria and keeping the pH in a safe range for swimming. Not only will you save time with this automatic system (you will be able to reduce the amount of times you need to test and monitor the water), you will save money by reducing the amount of Pool Supplies used during maintenance, such as chlorine. The Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral System has three components:

  • The Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station regulates the pool water that flows through the system. The Mineral Activator fits into this Docking Station, and along with the MizerMax Pac, acts as the water treatment center for your swimming pool.
  • The Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator holds the minerals and fits inside the Docking Station. The EPA-approved mineral formula replenishes itself on a regular basis; this constant replenishment protects your pool water from bacteria growth and balances your water's pH levels. These Mineral Activators should be replaced after a full season or every six months, whichever is shorter.
  • The Aqua Smarte Plus MizerMax Pac (pre-filled chlorine pac) fits into Mineral Activator and releases small amounts of chlorine. It will help destroy bacteria and needs to be replaced every one to three weeks. The MizerMax Pac, when used properly, will cut chlorine usage by nearly 50% and grants you the ability to never touch a chlorine tablet again.


  • For Pools With 25,000 Gallons
  • Helps Reduce Levels of pH & Chlorine


One Mineral Activator will last for six months or a full season, depending on which comes first. The Mineral Activator holds an formula of minerals that's been approved by EPA. When used properly this activator will kill bacteria and balance the pool water's pH levels. Use this item in conjunction with the Aqua Smarte Plus MizerMax Pac and Docking Station.


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Function Extends Chlorine Life

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