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19" Pool Sand Filter System by Waterway
product #3402

19" Pool Sand Filter System

by Waterway

 1.5 Horspower Sand Filtration: Set it & Forget it

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Product Details

Eco Kleer 19" Sand Filter with 1 H.P Pump & Motor by Waterway

Waterway is a world leader in pool pumps, pool filter systems and pool filter parts. Their Sand Filter Eco Kleer System is preferred by users who value low maintenance and high accountability. The Sand Filter comes in several different sizes to meet the needs of your above ground pool. The process is efficient: pool water is sucked into the tank, which has a bed of sand. Water is pulled through the sand strategically. The sand removes all sediment, dirt and unwanted materials from the pool water. The pool water is released back into the pool: cleaner and clearer than before. To maintain the system, simply backwash the Eco Kleer as needed. Instructions are provided below.


  • 19" Diameter Tank
  • Energy efficient high output 1H.P pump and motor
  • 100 lb capacity roto-molded durable  filter tank
  • Sturdy resin base
  • 7 Way multi-port valve
  • High pressure plumbing from pump to filter
  • Plumbing from filter to pool
  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • Site Glass
  • Does not include filter sand

Understanding Sand Filters and Operation

For the past thirty years, sand filters have been the most popular filters on the market, because they are effective and easy to clean. Sand filters work by spraying water over the surface of the sand, then as the water seeps through the sand, the dirt is trapped in the sand. The water is then collected by the under drain and pumped back into the pool. The dirt builds up mostly in the top 3-4 inches of the sand, and as that happens, the water flow is restricted. The pump however is still pumping at full capacity. So, since the water cannot flow as easily, pressure will begin to build-up. This will be shown in the pressure gauge. Eventually the sand becomes so encrusted with dirt, water can barely flow through. At this point it is time to backwash.

Backwashing - Backwashing a sand filter is very easy. Simply unplug the pump, move the valve handle to the backwash position and plug the pump back in. This reverses the normal water flow in the system, stirring the sand up and blowing the dirty water out  the backwash port. Never backwash towards the pool. A backwash or vacuum hose can be clamped on to the backwash fitting to direct the water from the pool area (it will not hurt the grass). After the filter has backwashed for 3-4 minutes, unplug the pump again, move the valve handle to the rinse position and plug the pump back in. Run the filter on rinse for one minute. This will reseat the sand. Unplug the pump and put the valve handle position back in the filter position and plug in the pump.

Other Valve Settings:

  • Waste - The waste position simply pumps the water out of pool, bypassing the filter and out the backwash / waste port.
  • Recirculate - Recirculate simply pumps the water out of the pool without filtering it. This position is rarely used.
  • Closed - The closed position stops water from flowing through the filter. Never use this position when the pump is on. Use this position only for cleaning the pump leaf pot.  It will be necessary to plug the skimmer or water will still run in from the skimmer.



Filtration Sand

Horsepower 1.5

Size 19''

Filter Sand Not Included

Capacity 100 lbs

Base Resin

Videos & Resources

Sand Filter System
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